Tourist place - Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh: A Tourist Destination

Madhya Pradesh, abbreviated as MP, is a tourist destination state in the Indian plains. The name Madhya Pradesh means ‘Central Region’, derived from its position geographically i.e. It is among the few states in India completely surrounded by other neighbouring states, with no border to another country or a coastline.

This picturesque state has often been neglected as a tourist destination, but for those who have explored it, they can surely claim to have enjoyed the prehistoric paintings, religious erotica, forts, and the tribal culture in the area.

Tourist Destinations in MP:

Bhimbetka - Madya Pradesh


· Bhimbetka

· Bandhavgarh National Park

· Kanha National Park

· Panna National Park

· Mahakaleshwar

· Pench National Park

· Pranpur

· Satpura National Park

What to Understand about Madhya Pradesh:

Madhya Pradesh is in central India and was divided into two parts in the  year 2000, one remaining as MP while the other became Chhattisgarh. Its capital is Bhopal and the state has 5 major cities: Indore, Gwalior, Ujjain, Jabalpur and Bhopal, the capital. There are many huge tribes in MP like Gonds, Bhill, Chamar, Khols, Kalal, among others and they are all Hindi-speaking.



80% of the population here is dependent on agriculture with many kinds of crops growing here such as wheat, peas, corn, grain, cotton, soya bean and many more. Main industries in MP are Jewelry and Cotton.

The beautiful cities of MP also have numerous historical places one can visit. One of the most famous place in MP is the glass temple in Indore, a commercial town of the agricultural community. Also, the largest Mosque in India is in Bhopal.

Ujjain, one of the sacred cities of Hindus and a world-famous destination, is located in Madhya Pradesh.

Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh:

· Khajuraho: Famous for its art, it is the loveliest place in MP. Natives and travelers visit this place every year.

· Bandhavgarh National Park: Among other national parks, this is one park that you will not want to miss out during your visit to MP. It has one of the highest tiger population densities in the world and you stand a better chance of seeing a tiger here in its natural habitat than any other place.

Where to Dine and Drink in Madhya Pradesh:

Dal bafla

Dal bafla

There are many food outlets in the shopping centers of Madhya Pradesh. Enjoy a wide variety of regional cuisines from all of India such as the local Malwi food, Poha, spiced Dal. A common meal of the region is Dal bafla – a steamed & grilled wheat cake eaten with ladoos and dal. In Bhopal, one gets to enjoy various meat and fish dishes. There is so much you can have here in MP. There are also many drinking joints here.

Enjoy your trip to Madhya Pradesh and have the time of your life in this scenic region of India.

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