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Make sure to buy these five things when in Kolkata

The City of Joy, Kolkata has no dearth of buying options for visitors. Ranging from exotic attires to sugary, the city has plenty of enticing things to offer. Bag full of goodies during the prestigious event of Durga Puja can turn out to be a delightful experience for a shopaholic. If you step in the City of Joy during Durga Puja, be ready to witness the essence of an archetypal Indian market that turns more spectacular. Though, illustrating the diverse range of materialistic and emotional souvenirs in the city is not easily, but one should always count on these physical take backs when in Kolkata:

1. Sweets

One cannot portray the City of Joy without indulging in the variety of Bengali sweets. The actual essence of Rosogolla, Sandesh and Misti Doi (sweet curd) can only be relished when you physically visit a sweet store in the city and taste it there. Apart from these commonly relished sweets, one should also try many other sugary items like Jilipis, Nolen Gur, Cchannar barfi, Chom-Chom, Roshmalai and Kheer Kodombo.  Sweet is undoubtedly one of the must buys in Kolkata. So if you plan a trip to Kolkata, make sure you take home some of the famous Bengali sweets for your loved ones.

Sweets in kolkata

If you are interested to take back or taste the ultimate Bengali sweets in Kolkata, visit some of the popular stores here like; Ballaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick, Girish Chandra Dey, Mouchak, Bhim Nag, Nakur Chandra Dey and Ganguram’s.

2. Traditional Sarees

Traditional Saree markets in kolkata

The traditional attire of Bengali beauty can best be witnessed during Durga Puja, when the actual convention of Bengal is emerged in white saree and red border. Besides, the city is evenly eminent for elegant Baluchari, Vishnupuri, Dhakai and Tassar silk sarees. Walking off the track, if anyone wants to get into the wedding attire, nothing could be a better buy than Benarasi sari.  The beautiful embroidery on handloom cotton saree is one more addition to the buying options in Kolkata. So if you know any saree fanatic lady, take back one of these stunning collections from your Kolkata trip. To make one’s shopping experience more remarkable, some of the prominent saree brands in the city include Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal and Adi Dhakeswari Bastralaya.

3. Books

Old book's stall near Gariahat in Kolkata. BP PHOTO BY : SAMBIT SAHA/ 09-02-11

Reckoned as India’s largest book market and the world’s largest second-hand book market, College Street is an absolute paradise for bookworms. Buying books in Kolkata is one of the pleasant practices that every book lovers enjoy to the fullest. Sprawled with an elongated area near the city, this location houses plenty of book stalls showcasing an array of book verities. Starting from academic books to recent best sellers, College Street has it all for you at very pocket-friendly price than anywhere else. If you enjoy the smell of old books and reading is your passion, look no further than College Street. Rove around the bustling stalls and pick your best buys from the street. Don’t forget to apply your bargain skill for a winning deal. Having done with your book affair, head towards some of the adjoined food corners to meet up your gastronomic desire. A blend of book and spicy platter is something amazing to experience in Kolkata.

4. Terracotta Structures

Terracotta souvenir in kolkata

The street stores in Kolkata are excellent for buying some eye-catching terracotta structures. The famous clay structures of elephants and horses are made in Bankura, which are further exported to several foreign territories. If you love clay modelling and want to accommodate some of the terracotta structures in your room, try visiting Swabhumi Heritage Park and Chowringhee Lane. The beautifully shaped showpieces represent the traditional art form of Bengal, which include variety of items like plates, bowls, pots etc. Buying such souvenirs could be very handy pick from Kolkata. To catch a close vista of how these beautiful structures are shaped, do pay a visit to Bishnupur. Besides, there are various Jute crafts and handmade decor items that one can also be purchased when in Kolkata.

5. Tea

Located in a close proximity to Darjeeling, Kolkata is considered to be the leading tea hubs in the country. Some of the finest and aromatic tea leafs can be purchased from the capital city of West Bengal that are collected from the tea estates of Darjeeling. Starting from black tea to organic, cinnamon and roasted tea, the tea stores of Kolkata offers you a diverse range of tea flavours. So make sure to purchase some of the finest aromatic beverage from Kolkata and invite your buddies for a refreshing cup of tea at your home. To witness the tea processing activities, one can plan a trip to various tea estates in Darjeeling. In addition, Mahabodhi Tea Company in Kalighat, Kolkata, can also be visited.

Tea in kolkata

These are the five best things that one can buy from Kolkata. However, the list doesn’t limit one’s choice of interests. There are many other things as well that one can buy when in Kolkata. If you are willing to pocket something more enticing, plan a trip to the City of Joy and explore the flea markets there.


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