Manali – A Place to Visit in Summer

Manali is a popular tourist spot in summer. It is a magical, snow-covered place in winter, situated at the Northern end of Kullu valley. It is an ancient town. The name of the place ‘Manali’ means the ‘Home of Manu’. It is a best choice to spend your vacations here. Here, you will enjoy the view of breath-taking landscapes. You can see deodar and pine trees, tiny field of wild flowers, thick forests, fruit orchids, etc. in Manali. On the other hand, you will be able to see snow-capped peaks, clean water Beas River and much more.

Main Tourist Attractions in Manali :

There are many tourist attractions in Manali. Some of them are Hidimba Devi temple, Rahala waterfalls, club house, Arjun cave, etc.

Hadimba Temple in Manali


1. Hidimba Devi Temple - It is also known as Dhungri Temple. It is one of the most popular temple in Manali. It is situated in the middle of a forest called the Dhungiri Van Vihar. A large festival is also held here in the month of May.


Rahala Waterfalls in Manali


2. Rahala waterfalls - This waterfall is the result of melting glaciers. At this spot, tourists can view of natural beauty. You can visit this place by taking a ride on jeep or pony.


Club House


3. Club House - This club has both indoor and outdoor games. You can see some picnic spots near the club house. For kids, there are a lot of video games. So kids can also come and enjoy here.


Arjun Cave in Manali

4. Arjun Cave - It is the most interesting tourist spot in Manali. Whoever believes in legends must come and visit this cave. Photographs can be clicked here as the place offers an amazing view of river and majestic mountains.


Rohtang Pass in Manali


5. Rohtang pass - It is one of the popular and attractive place in Manali. You can view panaroma and spectacular mountains. You can also indulge in various trekking activities here. It is the only place where you can enjoy snow not only in winters but in autumn too.


Shopping in Manali :

Shopping in Manali

Manali is a perfect place for shopping. Here you can buy various items like gift items, clothes, woolen goods specially shawls and many more things. The speciality of Manali is Himalayan handicrafts, masks, jewelry, etc.


Adventure in Manali :

You will have an adventurous experience in Manali by indulging in a famous sport Heli-skiing. It is an expensive sport as participants are taken to high snow draped peaks and a ride by helicopter.


Amazing food outlet :

Old Manali is the best place to hang out in evening. There are many restaurants and stalls here. You can have everything you want from Indian to International cuisine (like Italian, Chinese etc.).

You also get here two kinds of Alcoholic beverages : Lugdi(plains), or Chang(Himalayan).


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