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Who does not want to stay away from city’s hustle-bustle and spend their leisure time in peaceful seashore? Mandarmani is one such tranquil beach resort that will feel you rejuvenated during your vacation here. The 13km long beach is situated near Digha beach and it is around 14km away from Chaulkhola. The seaside resort village falls under the east Medinipur district of West Bengal. In contrast to its nearby Digha beach, the weaves of Mandarmani beach is geomorphologically low. However, the local inhabitants believe that Mandarmani is the longest driveable beach of the country. Tourists come up to view the astounding sunrise and sunset at Mandarmani beach.


Initially, the beach was famed as Madar Mani and Mandarboni. However, with time the site became popular as Mandarmani.

Things to do here

Apart from its dazzling sunrise and sunset views, tourist also visit Mandarmani for ATV (An all-terrain vehicle) rides, banana boat rides, jet skiing and surfing activities. Tourists primarily rush to the Delta area, which is around 1-6km from the beach and is idyllic for a trek. Before stepping into the beach areas, it is advisable that the visitors should know the timings of high tides. This is because, the water level of the sea reaches a high level during tides. In the evening, you can see plenty of red crabs on the shore.


Every year Digha fest and beach fiesta amazes ample of tourists at Mandarmani. During these beach carnivals, tourists rush here and take part into various activities like dance, volley ball, beach cricket and lot many interesting water sports. Tourists fall in an eternal love with the natural beauty of this tranquil beach resort.


Besides, world class sea food at Mandarmani beach reaches your rejoice to a new height. If you happen to be at Mandarmani, fresh fish, prawns and crabs is a must for you. Since the beach is located in West Bengal, you will get lot many luscious Bengali cuisines at most of the resorts here. While taking a stroll near the beach area, various eateries and shacks will also attract your attention. A sip of tea and snack over a walk will just woo your vigour in the evening.


A part from the breathtaking seashore and classy food, tourists also rush near the tiny stalls to buy various decorative objects. Women visitors spend hours near these stalls to make their choice over different eye-catching ear studs, necklaces and wall hangings made of oysters and sea shells.


The soothing seashore can best be revealed by hiring a bicycle or bike. If you are accompanied by group of pals, you can explore the site by walk as well.  Taking a dip into the sea and chasing the weaves could be a thrilling experience for the tourists with an adventurous persona.

Best time to visit

Mandarmani is all season destination for tourists. However, the recommended time to visit here is between November to February when the minimum temperature is around 100C and maximum temperature is 300C.  During summer the climate at Mandarmani is quite hot and humid. And if you love to get soggy in the drizzle, visiting here in the intermediary months of monsoon could be a bonanza for you.

Climatic view of Mandarmani


The seasonal climatic of Mandarmani is outlined as follows:


Summer hits the tranquil beach resort in March and extends till the month of May every year. During this time period, the temperature reaches up to 300C or more. Though traversing near the beach in evening hours is quite relaxing as compared to the day time.


Monsoon enters this beautiful seashore in the mid of June and lasts till September. Heavy rainfall curbs down the temperature, which turns the atmosphere even more soothing and comfy for the visitors.


The winter at Mandarmani amazes load of tourists every year. The frosty winter makes their voyage more charming, which is something that a tourist can cherish for long. During winter, foreign visitors get themselves into various activities like beach volleyball, sun bath, ropeway and beach biking.

Places to stay:

Being one of the tranquil beach resorts in West Bengal, you will get various luxurious hotels and resorts near the beach. Considering the number of footfalls experienced between November and March, visitors should book a hotel or resorts in advance. It cannot be denied that the hotels and resorts are bit expensive here. But, in order to get a splendid view of the sunrise and sunset, nothing could be as charming as booking a sea facing hotel. Therefore, it is advisable to the visitors to book any luring holiday packages for Mandarmani during the peak seasons.


Here are few options during your visit to Mandarmani beach:

Bombay Beach Resort Address: Bombay Beach Resort Mandarmoni Beach Road, Dadanpatrabar , West bengal, India 721455Charges: Rs.1,700 (Per Room Per Night) The Candlewood Park Beach Resort Address: Mander Moni,P.O:Dadanpatra,East Midnapur , West bengal, India 721455Charges: Rs.1,600 (Per Room Per Night)
Aqua Marina Drive Inn Address: Dadanpatrabar, Mandarmani, West bengal, India 721455Charges: Rs.1,400 (Per Room Per Night) Hotel Sonar Bangla MandarmoniAddress: Mandarmoni Beach Road, Kalindi Post, Mandarmoni, Purba Medinipore, Chaulkhola, West Bengal 721455Charges: Rs.4,000 (Per Room Per Night)
Sun View Resort Address: Sonamui, Mandarmoni, Purba Medinipur (West Bengal) , West bengal, India 721455Charges: Rs.1,190 (Per Room Per Night) Eco Villa ResortsAddress: Mandaramani Beach road, Mandarmoni, West Bengal 712455Charges: Rs.3,120 (Per Room Per Night)
Sun City ResortAddress: East Midnapur Chaulkhola , West bengal, India 721401Charges: Rs.5,199 (Per Room Per Night) Arya Beach Resort MandarmaniAddress:Mandarmani, East Medinipur , West bengal, India 721455Charges: Rs.1,235(Per Room Per Night)
Note: The cited rates may vary

At Mandarmani beach, you can perceive the water level of the sea that comes near and moves away with high tide. This is one of amazing experience for the visitors here.The hotels and resorts in Mandarmani are well-maintained and you can experience a pleasant stay here with quality services being catered. There are many hotels or resorts in Mandarmani, which are run by Rose Valley from where you can avail ropeway and beach biking.


How to reach

Located around 160 km away from Kolkata, travelling to Mandarmani is not a challenging ask for the visitors. The following are the convenient ways to reach Mandarmani:

  • By Road: Mandarmani is not that far from Kolkata by road, so reaching there by bus is one of the convenient ways for visitors. Frequent bus services are there for Mandarmani, which you can find at Esplanade, Gariahat or Howrah. These buses will take you till Digha or Chaulkhola. From there, you need to take auto-rickshaws, cabs or cycle-rickshaws to reach till Mandarmani. The West Bengal State Transport will charge you around Rs.75 for the ride and if you prefer volvos, you will require to pay around Rs.100 or more. It will consume around three hours to reach Mandarmani. Besides, many private cabs or taxi can also be hired to reach Mandarmani. The charges of cab or private taxis may vary as per their counts per kilometre.
  • By Rail: Mandarmani is well-connected to Contai and Digha from where you will get frequent trains. You can also board at Howrah station and travel till Contai and Digha. Once you reach there, you can hire auto-rickshaws, taxi or cycle-rickshaws to reach Mandarmani.
  • By Air: The nearest airport is Kolkata airport, which connects various air travelers from different cities of the nation. You can reach Kolkata by air from any place and then you can reach Mandarmani by bus or by train

Pros and Cons: Like any other tourist destinations, Mandarmani also has certain pros and cons, which are listed as follows:


  • Amazing holiday destination within short distance
  • The serene area of the beach is a perfect vacation booster
  • The beach area is not much congested
  • Easy to explore the beach by walk
  • Overwhelming view of sun rise and sun set
  • Pretty convenient to reach


  • Accommodations are comparatively expensive
  • Scare of good medical facilities within short range
  • Lack of trained guides near beach area during emergency
  • Frequent load shading during summer

Considering the mounting footfalls of visitors, the Mandarmani tourism authority is consistently working on its adjacent infrastructure and facilities. Today, it is one of the most preferred beach resorts near Kolkata that you must try.

So, if you are still not able to chalk out an enjoyable destination for coming weekend, believe you me, look no further than Mandarmani.

Travel Tips:

  • Carry sunscreen lotion and cream during summer day visit
  • Wear comfortable and light outfits in the water
  • Advance hotel booking is a must
  • Avoid trekking too far in the water

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