Barapani Lake Meghalaya

Meghalaya – A Beautiful Place to Visit in North-East India

Meghalaya is situated in the North-eastern part of India. It is one of the ‘SEVEN SISTER STATES’ of India. Meghalaya was earlier a part of Assam. It is also known as the Scotland of the East. Meghalaya receives the highest rainfall as compared to other places in the world. Meghalaya is famous for its charming, lovely and elegant scenic landscapes.

The language mainly spoken in Meghalaya is English. Other spoken languages are Khasi and Garo.

Meghalaya has an agrarian economy with noticeable commercial forestry industry. Important crops are – maize, potatoes, rice, spices, pineapples, bananas, and papayas.

In the forests of Meghalaya, you can see the biodiversity of birds, mammals and plants.

Things to do in Meghalaya :

1. Cave Exploration in Meghalaya -It is one of the most famous tourist spot across the world. You will be able to see the gloomy and shadowy interiors while exploring the caves.

Caves in Meghalaya

2. Wangala festival -Wangala festival is celebrated in Meghalaya. It is held once a year and is the harvest festival of Meghalaya.

3. Bob Dylan Festival in Meghalaya -Lot of tourists are attracted by this festival which is held at the Central Library Auditorium of Shillong. It is known as the musical festival in which people dance and make merry.

4. Elephant Falls – It is one of the most beautiful fall in Meghalaya. Elephant falls are situated in the outer region of Meghalaya and is 12kms away from the chief city of Shillong.


5. The beautiful cave of Mawsynram -It is a famous tourist destination in Meghalaya. It is located 56 kms from Shillong and is particularly popular for the enormous structure of Stalagmite. The stalagmite here resembles a Shivalinga.

Shopping in Meghalaya :

Meghalaya is popular for its handicraft work. People of Meghalaya were inspired by the natural surroundings of Meghalaya and started producing numerous crafts. Meghalaya is famous for its musical instruments, carpet weaving and ornaments. One of the unique craft of this place is Pineapple fiber articles. Pineapple fiber article is used to make nets, purses and bags.


Best Places to Shop:

Police Bazar, Laitumkhrah and Bara Bazar are the famous markets in Meghalaya. For handlooms and handicrafts, tourists can visit Meghalaya Handicrafts, Purbashree and Khadi Gramodyog. All these outlets are situated in Shillong.

Food in Meghalaya:

The popular dishes of Meghalaya are mainly meat, rice and dried fish. The food is served with yummy hot fish chutney. Non-veg food is awesome there, but, vegetarians are also eat happily in Meghalaya. There are a large number of food items to choose from.

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