Varkala Beach in Kerala

Mingle with People from all over the World- Varkala Beach, Kerala

Imagine relaxing in an Indian tropical paradise where the warm waters of the Arabian Sea lap gently against a magnificent stretch of largely untouched beach. Varkala beach in Kerala is a wonderful spot for tourists to unwind and absorb some of the best natural beauty that India has to offer.

The resort of Varkala is growing increasingly popular with discerning travelers seeking a peaceful location. It offers a choice of accommodations to suit all tastes, ranging from simple rooms to more up-market resorts. The area has only recently been discovered by tourists and thus is so far free of over development. It has already been acclaimed as one of the best beach destinations in India and is a perfect spot to mingle with people from all over the world.

Anchuthengu Fort

Anchuthengu Fort

The wonderful sandy beach nestles beneath Varkala’s famous cliff. The lush green cliff top extends above the beach. There is a walkway along the cliff offering the most amazingly radiant views over the coastline. The cliff path is dotted with stalls and restaurants, adding local ambiance to a pleasant stroll.

The main beach beneath the cliffs at Varkala is known as Papanasam beach. It is famed for its natural fresh spring waters which are believed to be holy. Visitors are often attracted by the spiritual promise of washing away their sins in the natural springs. Spas are also present in plenty in the area. The beach is popular with sunbathers, swimmers, and sunset watchers, and is an idyllic spot to soak in the sights of local fishermen bringing in their catch. Despite its attractions, it remains unspoiled and peaceful. The smaller Black beach is at the north side of the cliffs by a coconut grove. Unsurprisingly, the beach takes its name from the black sand.

Elephant Ride in Varkala

Elephant Ride in Varkala

The area itself is replete with a number of attractions to tempt visitors away from the beach. A must see attraction is the 2000-year-old Janardana Swami Temple and the historic Anchuthengu Fort. The Sivagiri Mutt is a pilgrimage centre to honor the Hindu reformer Sree Narayana Guru. Ayurvedic massages are available at local centres.

Visitors can stop in at the elephant reserve at nearby Puthenkulam and even ride on top of the majestic animals. Lush countryside and plantations can be appreciated along with the natural wildlife of the area. Evenings can be enjoyed relaxing over the tasty local cuisine which is rich in fresh fish, exotic spices and luscious fruit, and making friends with travellers from all over the world that have discovered the wonderful delights of Kerala.

Varkala beach, Kerala, has so much to offer visitors. The beach is simply too good to miss. Put this Indian paradise on the top of your list for destinations to discover and you won’t be disappointed with the choice.

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