Ayurveda Tourist Destinations in India

Most Popular Ayurveda Tourist Destinations in India

When thinking of visiting India, there are plenty of beautiful destinations that one can choose to visit. But, tourist destinations that offer Ayurvedic treatments remain popular with tourists across the globe. Ayurveda tourism in India has gained popularity with foreign holiday seekers due to the body benefiting nature of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatments consist of relaxing and pleasant massages which are carried out using herbal oils, spa treatments and Ayurvedic medicines. All these services are offered by qualified practitioners at affordable rates.

For those planning to embark on an Ayurvedic holiday, there are various destinations that one can explore. Most of these destinations are located on the outskirts of urban areas which provide the perfect getaway. While the others offer a scenic view of the forests and beaches.

Somatheeram Resort in Kerala stands tall among the Ayurveda destinations. Somatheeram Resort was among the first to be established in India. Located on Kovalam beach, it offers a mesmerizing view of the sea. You can choose to indulge in traditional Ayurvedic therapies, together with a healthy diet. A perfect way to revitalize the body and the senses.


Ananda is another famous destination that is worth a visit. Located in the Himalayas, Ananda offers a pleasing view of the valleys. The destination provides excellent therapies coupled up with cure from nature. The destination has Yoga pavilions for wellness of the body, and people can relax in landscaped gardens as they enjoy clear skies atop the Himalayas.

Another famous destination for Ayurveda in India is the Goa Devaaya and Nature Cure Centre. Located amidst palm trees, Devaaya provides alternate medical facilities to address various problems caused by modern lifestyle. One can choose from Ayurveda and Naturopathy and help regain the lifestyle you’ve always deserved.

The Ayurvedic Health Village in Kairali – a beautiful and floral town in Kerala harbors one of the most phenomenal health resorts in India. Recreational therapy offered here eliminates various ailments effectively.

Located in the beautiful city of lakes and palaces of Udaipur, The Leela offers yoga, massages, facials and meditation in a perfectly relaxed environment.

Ayurveda Tourism in India is famous for its therapies, massages, meditation and diets. Ayurveda destinations provide holiday seekers with perfect opportunities to enjoy their holidays in a calm and pleasing environment that leave the body relaxed and revitalized.

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