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MYSORE: The City of Palaces

Situated at the base of Chamundi hills and nearly 147 Km from Bangalore, the City of Palaces, Mysore is eminent as the cultural capital of Karnataka. Next interesting fact about the place is that it is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka and a perfect weekend destination near Bangalore. If you plunge into the historic tale of Mysore, the city was earlier occupied by a hamlet called Puragere. Over the periods of time, the city has now turned to a cosmopolitan city allowing visitors from different walks of live to explore the rich culture of Mysore.

Amazing Mysore Palace Garden

Apart from its architectural brilliance and affluent culture, Mysore has been transformed to an industrial hub of bronze work, sandalwood carving and weaving. The evolution of the city continued when Mysore has become a thriving abode to the production of salt and lime. At the same time, the city also hosts many industries like textile, automobile, IT; and tourism being the major industry in the city.

The people of Mysore are rich by nature and they greet each other with great admiration. The City of Palaces houses a large number of Hindu communities. Hence, festivals are the key source of celebration here. Dusshera is the prime festival for people of Mysore and it is celebrated here with great fervour for 10 long days. Kannada, English and Hindi are three important languages that are spoken mostly in Mysore.


Moderate weather is one of the prime reasons behind this popular weekend destination near Bangalore. Summers hits Mysore during March-May when the temperature here ranges from 20°C to 38°C, which is combatively soothing than the sweltering summers of other locations. Monsoon enters the cultural capital in the month of July and it lasts there till September. After monsoon, the city faces a pleasant climate with minimum temperature up to 10°C. The reason being, October to February are pleasing winter here in Mysore.

Being one of the top weekend getaways within 150 KM from Bangalore, Mysore can best be visited from Sept to March. This is the time when weather of Mysore is absolute pleasant for visitors.

Places to see:

#Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace

Built during 1897-1912, Mysore Palace is undoubtedly the heart of the cultural capital of Karnataka. When in Mysore Palace, its architectural brilliance will make your presence absolutely spellbound. The architectural decor inside the palace portrays an inspirational blend of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic styles. If you happen to be there on Sundays or during Dussehra, the entire premises of Mysore Palace are enlightened with more than 90,000 blazing bulbs. Visitors are allowed to access Mysore Palace from 10AM to 5.30PM paying an entry fee of INR 10 and 20 for children and adults respectively.

#Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan Gardens

With an expanse of around 60 acres areas, Brindavan Gardens is located nearly 20 Km from Mysore City Center. This is one of the popular tourist attractions near Bangalore where more than 2 million visitors are spotted every year. The best time to visit this garden is after dusk (6.30PM) when the musical fountain is illuminated here with glittering lights. Besides, there is also a botanical park adjacent to the garden hosting a lively lake for boating purpose. One can also witness the wonderful horticulture farm and Fruit orchard near the garden. The entry fee to Brindavan Garden for children is INR 5 and for adult the fee is INR 15.

#Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo

Situated nearly 3 Km from the city bus stand, Mysore Zoo is a must watch in Mysore. This zoo is also famed as Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, offering the students and scholars an excellent way of enriching their knowledge on wildlife. However, the key attraction of Mysore Zoo is its diverse range of flora and fauna. The zoo not only houses indigenous species of animals, but also boasts some rare species of plants and birds from different countries. This is an absolute delight for visitors allowing them to enjoy the impulsive movement of animals in a specious zoo. The best time to access the zoo is from 8.30AM to 5.30PM, and the entry fee for children here is INR 20 and for adult the fee is INR 50. Camera charges are additional.

#Jaganmohan Palace

Jaganmohan Palace

Having depicted its rich culture and architectural splendour, visiting Jaganmohan Palace gives you a reason why Mysore is famed as the City of Palaces. Constructed way back in 1861, the imperial architecture of Jaganmohan Palace is emanated from traditional art form of Hindu culture. Since its elongated existence, the palace has witnessed many prestigious and historical events of Mysore. Over the phase of time, Jaganmohan Palace has been turned to an eminent art gallery of Mysore showcasing some excellent artefacts from legendary artists. The key attractions of this palace include eye-catching paintings on war weapons, fascinating sculptures, vibrant artworks etc.

#Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundeshwari Temple

Nestled atop the Chamundi Hill and nearly 13Km from city centre, Chamundeshwari Temple is a religious site and a popular attraction to pilgrims. A significant part behind the name of this temple is that it was named after a ferocious form of Shakti called Chamundeshwari. On the other hand, the mountain that houses this holy shrine is named after Goddess Chamundi. The key attraction of this temple is beautiful idol of deity Chamundi wearing a wreath of craniums. The best time to enter Chamundeshwari Temple is during early morning i.e. from 6AM to 7.30AM when you can witness how divinely the pooja takes place in the temple. Besides, one can also witness the pooja that takes place during afternoon and evening as well.

#Railway Museum

Railway Museum

One of the offbeat tourist attractions in Mysore is its Railway Museum, which was established by Indian Railways in the year 1979. This is an outdoor showcase of epoch locomotives. After Delhi’s National Railway Museum, Mysore Railway Museum is the considered as the second museum, which is built on such exhibits. The key attributes of this wonderful museum are Chamundi Gallery and Sri Ranga Pavilion. Chamundi Gallery is known for showcasing an array of black and white photographs representing the fruition of railways in India. Sri Ranga Pavilion on the other hand, is popular for hosting two royal coaches of Maharaja of Mysore. While entering the museum, you can also spot an engine, which was used for the very first time. Apart from vintage exhibitions of trains, there is also a small park for kids allowing them to ride on trains and play around the park. The best time to enter the museum is from 10AM to 5.30PM.

#Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park

Exploring wildlife amidst city of culture is altogether an offbeat experience for visitors. Officially, Nagarhole National Park is eminent as Rajiv Gandhi National Park and this is an abode to various endangered flora and fauna including Royal Bengal Tiger. Nagarhole National Park is reckoned as the largest protected area in south India housing variety of animals including mouse deer, vine snake, striped hyena, jackals, common krait, Russell’s viper, sloth bears, rock python and many other rock python. While holidaying in Mysore, make sure you book an accommodation in advance. The reason being, staying options near Nagarhole National Park is very limited. You can also go for the guest house near the park, which is run under Forest department.

#Chamundi Hills

Steps to the Chamundi Hills

Positioned at an elevation of more than 3200 ft. from the ground, Chamundi Hills can be spotted from 8-10Km distance from Mysore City. Chamundi Hills is situated nearly 13Km from the main city offering you a picturesque vista of striking environs. This is hill is quite popular in Mysore and was named after Goddess Chamundi. There is a holy shrine of Chamundeshwari Devi atop the hill that can be reached after climbing 100 steps. In addition, you can also reach there by motor road.

#Lalitha Mahal

Lalitha Mahal

Here comes another wondrous palace, which is considered as the second largest palace in Mysore. This stunning palace was established by the Maharaja Krishna Raja Wodeyar Bahaddur IV. Known for its imperial intensity, the decor of Lalitha Mahal is adorned with marble floors, imprinted wood shutters, lithographs, precious carpets and motifs. Moving ahead in 1974, Lalitha Mahal grabbed more attention of spectators when the citadel was converted into a heritage hotel. The stand tall construction with out and out white colour, Lalitha Mahal hosts a rambling patio and vibrant precincts for visitors. When in Lalitha Mahal, don’t miss the luscious cuisines and thrilling activities here that include swimming and jogging. In addition, one can also try his/her hands here playing tennis and billiards. So, visiting Lalitha Mahal in Mysore is absolutely an amazing experience on the whole.

#Somanathapuram Temple

Somanathapuram Temple

Situated in a lonely spot around 26Km from the main city, Somanathapuram Temple is one more interesting tourist puller in Mysore. The key attraction of this temple is its triple towers and obscure style of Hoysala architecture. You can notice various embossed sculptures here depicting elephants, mythological birds and images of deity. If you are fanaticism about history and a keen bystander of natural exquisiteness, Shivanasamudra Temple is a must visit for you in Mysore. Shivanasamudra Waterfalls can also be spotted near the temple, which equally attracts plenty of visitors here. The best time to visit the temple is from 9AM to 5.30PM and the entry fee for Indian and foreign visitors is INR 5 and INR 100 respectively. However, children below 12 years are exempted from all kind of fees.

Food Taste of Mysore:

Apart from its cultural legacy, the spicy platters of Mysore add more thrill to your weekend trip. You can expect an array of popular South Indian dishes here that include delicious dosas, Thatte, Idli, Uppittu, Bonda and Bajji, Savige Payasam, Saaru, Holige, Ragiballs, Chiroti etc.

Shopping Experience:

Shopping in mysore

Mysore is equally a stunning destination for shopaholics. The city has several stores and shops showcasing you its rich variety of silks. One of the imperial forms of handlooms here is Mysore Silk. In addition, you can also go for sandalwood, incense sticks, Jasmine and perfumes. The city is also popular for its vibrant paintings, stone carvings, wooden handicrafts and Mysore Eggplant. Shopping in Mysore is quite exciting and one must experience the same while holidaying there.

How to Reach:

Being one of the popular weekend destinations near Bangalore, Mysore is well knitted by the following modes of transpiration:

By Air: For air travellers, reaching Mysore is not a matter of concern. The nearest domestic airport is located at Srirangapatna. From airport, you can hire a taxi or get into a cab to travel further in the city. From Srirangapatna, the city centre is located around 20 Km reach, which can be travelled in 30 minutes. However, the nearest international airport is in Bangalore, which is located around 170 Km from Mysore. From Bangalore airport reaching Mysore is quite convenient. You will easily get KSRTC bus, cab and taxi from airport to reach Mysore in 3 and a half hour time.

By Train: The city of Mysore is well-connected to various other destinations by train. The nearest railhead is Mysore, which is located just 2Km from the city centre. There are many regular trains that travel between Bangalore and Mysore. By train the distance between these two cities are approximate 3 hours. Some of the major trains in this route include Chamundi Express, Mysore Express, Tippu Express and Kaveri Express and. From railway station, you can easily hire a cab or taxi to travel further.

By Bus: The roadway connectivity from Bangalore to Mysore is quite convenient. There are several buses that run under KSRTC for Mysore. Total travel time by road is approximately 3 hours 20 minutes. In addition, one can also hire a cab from Bangalore to reach Mysore.

Route Map

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to Stay:

Being the cultural capital of Karnataka and a traditional hub for industries, Mysore is visited by number of tourists from all over the country. And a frequent footfall is witnessed during weekend when many travellers flock here from Bangalore.

hotel in mysore

Considering the growing numbers of visitors and their basis amenities, a wide range of hotels are set up in Mysore in the price range from INR450-INR 1500. Some of the comfortable staying options in Mysore are listed here for you:

#Sunflower Hotel

#331/A, Loyal World Centre, Bangalore – Mysore Road,

Bannimantap, Adjacent To St Joseph Hospital,

Mysore India 570015

#Vedanta Wake Up

Gokulam 526 White House 5th Main 3rd Stage, Contour Road Gokulam

Land Mark: Opp Vikram School of Nursing

Mysore India 570002

#Treebo Golden Castle

#3615/1, Opposite Old Rmc, Sayyaji Rao Road,

Mysore- 570021 Mysore India 570021

#Mannars Residency

1459, Opp More Mega Store, Near Railway Station,

Narayana Shastri Road (As On Official Site), Mysore India 570001

#Hotel BS International

#379, Opposite St Philomina Church

Mysore India 570001

Let’s make this weekend more happening amidst cultural capital of Indian state of Karnataka. Also, don’t forget to take home the world-famed silk and bag full of eye-catching handicrafts from the City of Palaces.

Have a magnificent weekend ahead!!

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