Views in Panchagani

Panchgani: A Heavenly Abode

Panchgani is a small and scenic hill town just near Mahabaleshwar, in Maharashtra. It falls on the mountain ranges of Sahyadri and flowing close to it is river Krishna. Panchgani has an amazing view of the coastal plains below. Panchgani sees a lot of Bollywood actors holidaying here.

Scenic Beauty - Panchgani

The route to Panchgani offers an amazing view of the coastal plains and river Krishna. This area has been a famous tourist destination as it has a dense forest with western plant species such as sliver oak and poinsettias. It is also near Mahabaleshwar, the largest hill town in Maharashtra.

Panchgani has old colonial British style houses which are dotted around old parsi homes. At an elevation of 1293 feet, this place has a pleasant climate round the year. The climate of this place has made it famous among tourists. The presence of spa resorts is another reason that the tourists love visiting Panchgani.

place to visit Panchgani

Apart from walking and soaking in the rains, paragliding and horse riding are famous among tourists.  You can buy things like jams, fruits juices and candies at the bazaar in Panchgani. These are produced locally with a very British feel to it. The strawberry and Raspberry jam are very popular here.

The scenic places to visit in Panchgani include the following:

  • The Sydney point, which is about 2 km from Panchgani. One can view Krishna valley on the way.
  • The table land. This place has been famously shot in Bollywood movies.
  • The Parsi point, which has a lot of shops where the tourists can indulge in a shopping spree.

The Devil’ Kitchen, which is a large cave close to the table land. History has it that a few famous legends came and stayed here during ancient times.

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