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Pangong Lake – Mystical Himalayan Lake

If you are fed up with the hectic and monotonous city life, you may be looking for an amicable destination to enjoy your vacation. The Pangong Lake, situated at an altitude of over 4000 meter, would surely be that harbor. This occult lake is located in the northern part of India within the Sino-Indian boundary. The name goes by its long, narrow and enchanted shape derived from the Tibetan domain.

From the climax scene of the well acclaimed movie ‘3 Idiots’ to Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, this 83 mile long lake has been one of the prime shooting location for different genres of movies. Often referred to as Pangong Tso, the lake can be reached in a five hour drive from Leh. The trip to Pangong Lake will surely be adventurous with its bumpy nature and the famous Himalayan Terrain will always be there on both sides of the trail.

Pangong-Lake-in Himalaya

Upon reaching the Pangong Lake, the blue water churning with the green aqua will make you hold your breath. Surrounded by mystical snow-clad mountains, one would yield the superlative feeling hovering around the lake. The first flash of the serene beauty will definitely be imprinted in the minds of the visitors. Capture as many places and views you can.

This picturesque lake, however, is famous for the natural flora and fauna as one can easily spot the famous Ladakhi Marmots. This lagoon also serves as the breeding spot for varieties of migratory birds. The favorable time to visit the Pangong Tso would be during the summer months of June to September; the winter days of the year would see the lake walk-able frozen.

Pack your bags with warm clothes and carry extra batteries for your cameras. Because you won’t want to miss out on capturing this little heaven.

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