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Places to See in the Beautiful Terrain of Nubra Valley

Nestled in Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir, the beautiful terrain of Nubra Valley entices travellers from various parts of the sphere. It is said that the actual name of the place was Ldumra, which is enclosed with breath-taking natural abundance and enchanting sites to behold. Presence of sub-tropical climate makes the summer quite warm and winter quite frosty here. Hence, the best time get there in Nubra Valley is from February to April and from August to November.

natural beauty of Nubra Valley

If you plan a holiday to this picturesque north Indian Valley anytime soon, make sure to explore the following:

#Samstemling Gompa

Samstemling Gompa in Nubra Valley

Located at Sumur Village, Samstemling Gompa is a religious site devoted to Lord Buddha. Despite being a prime attraction to the followers of Lord Buddha, the monastery showcases an array of Buddhist idols, Buddhist scrolls and various significant wall paintings. Besides, there are seven temples in Samstemling Gompa, which were inaugurated by Dalai-Lama way back in 1962. Today, the monastery is visited by plenty of tourists from all across the globe. The spiritual significance in the monastery drives one to a different level of celestial ambience all together. So when in Nubra Valley, Samstemling Gompa is a worth visiting destination.

#Ensa Gompa

Ensa Gompa in Nubra Valley

If you want to explore a century old monastery, which is filled with Buddhist frescos and scriptures, Ensa Gompa is something that you must visit by. Located near Panamak Village, this 250 year old monastery is one of the leading attractions for visitors when in Nubra Valley. Enclosed with natural splendour, the Ensa Gompa boasts a diverse range religious item making this destination an absolute paradise for photographers. During winter, Ensa Gompa witnesses an intense snowfall that lowers down the temperature here to a freezing extent. Despite being an abode to many Buddhist pilgrims, this religious site is also considered as the trekking base for many adventure enthusiasts. To reveal the best of Ensa Gompa, July and September is the most preferred time to be there.


Panamik village in Nubra Valley

Exploring the scenic beauty of Nubra Valley can best be rejoiced when in Panamik village. Popular for its picturesque vista and hot water springs (over 10,000 ft above sea level), Panamik village offers you a delightful time-off amidst the mountains. The best time to visit here is between September and October when the weather consideration is extremely favourable offering you a captivating vista of colourful trees. Because of its natural exquisiteness, Panamik village has been a famous stopover for travellers on their way to Leh. From the tertian of this mesmerising village, the snow covered mountain peaks can easily be captured by a tourist. To many adventure lovers, Panamik village serves as the trekking base before reaching to the Ensa Gompa. Hence, stepping into the land of Panamik village offers you a blend of adventure and breath-taking natural abundance.

#Khardung La Pass

Khardung La Pass in Nubra Valley

The only road way to get there in Nubra Valley is Khardung La Pass, which is also believed to be the world’s highest motrable road. Perched at an elevation of nearly 18,000+ feet above sea level, Khardung La Pass is an absolute delight for bikers and adventure freaks. Plenty of bikers prefer Khardung as their favourite riding route on their way to Leh. The spellbound environs and mesmerising mountainous around Khardung La Pass leaves every traveller completely startled. If are fervent about scaling the peaks on wheels, look no further than Khardung La Pass.

Getting there


Nubra Valley is frequented by plenty of visitors from all across the globe. Hence, getting there is not a matter of serious concern for travellers. Therefore, before drawing a plan to reach there in Nubra Valley, let’s take a quick look on the major modes of commutation:

By Air: The nearest airport is Leh Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport, which has good air connectivity with the places like Delhi, Chandigarh and Srinagar. From airport, it takes nearly four and half hour drive (120kms) to reach Nubra Valley by road. Several buses and Jeeps are also available near the airport making the journey quite convenient for travellers to reach Nubra Valley.

By Train: There is no direct railway connectivity to reach Nubra Valley. Jammu Tawi and Udhampur are the two nearby railheads, which are located nearly 620Kms and 298Kms away respectively from the destination. From these railway stations, one can hire a taxi or get into a bus to travel further.

By Road: If you want to enjoy the natural abundance on the go, nothing could be as astounding as reaching Nubra Valley by road. There are several buses and private vehicles for Nubra that run on regular basis from Leh, Jammu Tawi and Srinagar. For bikers, the only entry point to reach Nubra Valley is Leh. From Leh, the route passes through K-Top, Khalsar, Diskit, Sumur till Panamik. There are plenty of beautiful nearby locations on the go where one can stop for a breather.

Places to stay


On enquiring about the provisions for comfy accommodations including camps and resorts, there are several decent staying options in and around Nubra Valley.

Resort in Nubra Valley

For your convenience, some of the hotels and resorts are listed here:

#Himalayan Eco Resort

Village Hunder, Nubra, District Leh Ladakh,

Hunder, Nubra Valley, India 194401

#Ladakh Summer Camp

Hunder, Nubra Valley India 194401

#Himalayan Guest House

Hunder, Nubra Valley India 194401

#Desert Himalaya Resort

Village Diskit, Nubra Valley, India 194401

#Lchangnang Retreat

Teggar Village, Nubra Valley, Ladakh,

Nubra Valley India 194401

So plan your trip in the midst of mountains and come along some captivating memories from the knolls.



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