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Every time you visit the terrain of north-eastern states of India, the natural abundance of the state leaves you enchanted. There you find number of cities and alluring sites that still awaits a great number tourist’s footfalls. Nestled on the banks of river Barak, Silchar is one such least explored city in the north-east states of Assam. The city of Silchar is the headquarters of Cachar district and reckoned as the second largest city in the north-east states of Assam. It is said that the name of the city is derived from the word ‘Shiler Chor”, which signifies bank of stone.

Let’s take you for a ride to the natural splendour of Silchar and some of its adjoining destinations.



Sprawled on the banks of river Barak, the topography of Silchar is eminent as Barak Valley. The sheer blessings of nature on this beautiful place take you here time and again. Also known as ‘The City of Love’, Silchar in Assam is a serene location offering you a blend of breathtaking vista, diversified culture and lip-smacking platters.

Besides being one of the tranquil cities in Barak Valley, Silchar is equally an important business hub for tea, rice and several other agricultural produces making the city an economic threshold to its neighbouring states like Meghalaya, Manipur and Mizoram. The local inhabitants of Silchar are religious by nature and they look no further when time comes to go festive. Majority of the population here are Hindu. Hence, most of the Hindu festivals are celebrated in Silchar with great gusto.

silchar sadarghat bridge

The people of Silchar love being designated as Silcharian and they predominantly speak Sylheti. Additionally, languages like Bengali, Hindi, Assamese and English are also spoken here with equal enthusiasm. Akin to their cultural and religious diversity, the people of Silchar are also known for their luscious food tastes. Hence, when in Silchar, make sure you don’t miss some of the scrumptious local foods here that include shidal chutney and chunga peetha. In addition, you will find plenty of quality eateries around the city offering you a wide range of Chinese, Continental and South Indian cuisines.



The beautiful terra firma of Silchar sees a comfy climate throughout the calendar making the city a worth visiting destination in Barak Valley. Summer lasts here from April to June. During summer, the temperature here is relatively humid with mercury climbing up to 36°C.  Despite of humid climate, one can still rejoice a good volume of rain here during summer. Monsoon hits the region in the month of July and it lasts here till September. In monsoon, Silcharian experiences intense rainfalls that make the surroundings area of the city quite drenched. Heavy rain falls often detach the city with its neighbouring states. After a drenched monsoon, winter blankets the City of Love in the month of November and it continues here till February. During winter, the climate becomes quite comfortable here for visitors as well as for the residents of Silchar. The mercury level drops down up to 11°C or less that time.

Best time to visit:


Silchar is an all season destination for travellers. Summers are not that scorching here as compared to the cities of North. Likewise, winter is equally cosy here offering you a pleasant retreat. However, during monsoon it becomes quite troublesome for travellers to rove around the city due to intense rain falls. But for a rain lover, visiting Silchar during monsoon is equally charismatic. On the other hand, if you want a soothing and uninterrupted excursion in and around Silchar, October to February is the time you should pay a visit here.

Places to see:


Silchar in Assam is laid out with galore of picturesque destinations. Ranging from lush valleys to majestic remnants, the city has lot of attractions for you. Let’s catch a glimpse of some of the leading destinations in and around Silchar:




Located nearly 20 Kms from Silchar, the tranquil environs of Khaspur carries its decades long subsistence in the region since 1690 AD. Once used to be the capital of Kachari king, the relics of the place today known for its historic significance. Some of the leading attractions at Khaspur include Singho Dwar, 124 years old Santh Estifun Church, Rani Chandra Prabha Hasun Park, the bath spot of Kachari queens, Kachari Fort, Ranachandi Mandir and Shyama Mandir. Besides, the lush bush surroundings and terracotta style temples around the place leaves you awe-inspiring like never before. While heading towards Khaspur, you will get to notice some picturesque panorama and vibrant tea garden as well.

#Bhubaneswar Temple


bhuban hill silchar

Perched around 50 Kms from the city, one of the most religious hubs for Silcharians is Bhuban Hill. This hill is eminent for hosting a holy shrine devoted to Lord Shiva. Massive footfalls of Hindu devotees can be spotted here on the auspicious eve of Mahashivratri. It takes you nearly 17Kms of hiking to reach atop the hill and visit the temple. On scaling the pinnacle point, you get to catch a quaint panorama of its surroundings. The best time to visit here is in the month of March. However, during rainy season it is advisable not to go for mound hiking as the steep rock turns slippery making it more perilous for visitors.

#Maniharan Tunnel    


maniharan tunnel near silchar

Located few kilometres from Silchar and nearly 5 Kms from Bhubaneswar Temple, Maniharan tunnel has lot of significant religious tales associated with it. According to the local inhabitants, it is believed that the tunnel was built by Lord Krishna. Around the tunnel you will also come across various religious shrines that are devoted to Lord Hanumana, Lord Rama, Lord Lakshmana and Garuha. Keeping in mind the mounting tourists around the place, several guest houses are also established here. The best time to visit Maniharan Tunnel is from October and March, when the climate is quite favourable for visitors.

#Kachakanti Devi Temple


Kachakanti Devi Temple

Taking nearly 15 Kms ride from the city, you get to reach one more religious centre near Silchar. Built way back in 1806 AD by the Kachari King, Kachakanti Devi Temple is devoted to Goddess Kachakanti, who is believed to be an amalgamation of two powerful Hindu deities, i.e. Goddess Kali and Goddess Durga. It is said that dates back to decade human sacrifices were also offered here to the Goddess. Everyday lot many worshippers visit here from various places to offer their highest reverence to Goddess Kachakanti.

#Dolu Lake


Dolu Lake

Nearly 24 Kms away from the city, Dolu Lake is an amazing site for exploration near Silchar. Dotted with green tea garden and lively lake, this place is an absolute delight for nature freaks and photographers. You can also catch a spellbound sunset view near the lake. During winter, Dolu Lake and its surrounding tea garden turns to a preferred picnic spot for Silcharians. If you want to spend some quality time with your beloved buddy, Dolu Lake is a worth visiting destination for you.



Around 22 Kms away from Silchar and few kilometres from Kachakanti Devi Temple, here comes one more worth visiting destination for travellers. Situated in close proximity to Kumbhirgram airport, Salganga is popular for boasting a holy shrine of Lord Vishnu and adjoining tea garden. Besides, you can also take a wonderful view of its surrounding village area, which is equally quite appealing for visitors and photographers.


Well, these are some of the leading tourist pullers in close proximity to Silchar. In addition, you can also visit many other tempting spots within the city that includes Gandhibag Park, Children’s Park, ISKCON Temple, Gol Dighi Mall etc.   

If you are in Silchar for a week or more, there are many other aloof situated destinations (in nearby districts) as well that can equally be enjoyed while touring there. Few of those neighbouring destinations are listed as follows:

#Badarpur Fort


badarpur fort assam

Located about 27 Kms from Silchar, Badarpur Fort is a historic destination to stop by. The stately fortification was constructed decades back in the Mughal epoch. Today, plenty of visitors flock here to catch a view of the relics of Badarpur Fort. Sprawled on the bank of Barak River, the green environs and tranquil ambience around the fort plunge you to a different feat of magnetism. The best time to visit here is during winter when the atmosphere is soothing.

After exploring the remnants of Badarpur Fort, if you drive few kilometres ahead, there is a popular religious temple of Goddess Kali, which is quite popular here as Jungla Kaalibari. The temple is positioned at reasonable elevation. To reach atop the temple composite, one has to cross few steps that are shaped on the steep mound. On reaching there you will come across several monkeys near the temple premises.

# Maibong



Popular as Ek Patthar Ghar, Maibong is one of the spectacular attractions for visitors. Perched at an elevation of around 356 meters, Maibong offers you an astounding blend of prehistoric architecture, appealing landscape, captivating sculptures, stone carvings and remnants of ancient realm. The place once used to be the capital of Kachari. Even today, you get to notice various remnants of Kachari kingdom around the terrain of Maibong. Plenty of visitors often flock here to visit the Ramchandi Temple, which is the major attraction in Maibong. In addition, the place is also worth visiting for its natural exquisiteness and lively waterfalls.




Have you ever imagined exploring a site which is popular as ‘The valley of death for birds’? Doesn’t it goosebumps you right away? Located in the Dima Hasao district and south Haflong region of Assam, the mysterious land of Jatinga pulls plenty of visitors from all over the sphere. Many researchers and scholars are still in quest to fetch a rational reason behind the death of migratory birds that visit here from far flung areas. According to some people, birds are killed here by bamboo poles. While many believe that the migrated birds get attracted to the electric sources that costs their lives. On the other hand, some opined that birds fly here to commit suicide. Whatever the reason behind the death of so many migratory birds is, tourists still find Jatinga an interesting site for exploration. Some of the migratory birds that you can notice here include tiger bittern, Indian pitta, little egret and kingfishers. Apart from being a mysterious death destination for birds, Jatinga is equally popular for hosting orange orchids as well. So what are you waiting for? Do pay a visit here. The best time to explore this site is from August to April.



umrangshu assam

Situated in the NC (North Cacher) Hill region and nearly 112 Kms from Haflong, Umrangshu is a fabulous hill station to travel by. The scenic landscape of Umrangshu hardly takes a moment to win your heart. The site is well-blessed with natural abundance. When in Umrangshu, don’t forget to visit one more nearby destination called Garampani, which is quite eminent for hosting hot spring and medicinal properties. The soothing environs and breathtaking vista make you visit this place again and again.

#Son Beel


Son Beel

One of the least explored spots and largest lakes in southern Assam, Son Beel is a must visit site for tourists. Nestled in the Karimganj district of Assam, Son Beel is an absolute paradise for photographers and nature buffs. The significant feature of this location is that Son Beel emerges its natural beauty with seasonal variation. During winter, the place gets completely arid making the land useful for farming and cultivation. On the other hand during summer and monsoon, the place starts shaping into a lake offering the farmers a great scope for fishing. The natural splendour around the lake leaves you spellbound with hills on its east and west sides. The sunrise and sunset view is something that you can’t miss here at Son Beel. Despite being a less popular site, after visiting Son Beel you can’t restrain yourself from falling in an affair with the natural magnificence of this eye-catching location.

How to go:


Being one of the eminent places in the state of Assam, travellers often flock here for commercial purposes from its nearby cities and states. Besides, plenty of tourists can also be spotted here these days who visit Silchar to explore its natural magnificence. Hence, reaching Silchar is not a fuss for travellers from any parts of the country.

Here’s how you can get there by various modes of commutation:

Kumbhirgram Airport

By Air: Situated nearly 30Kms from the main town, the nearest airport to Silchar is Kumbhirgram Airport. There are various carriers to reach Silchar from the cities like Kolkata, Tezpur, Imphal and Guwahati. In addition, Travellers from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore can also reach Silchar via Kolkata or Guwahati airport. After reaching Silchar airport, you can hire a taxi or get into a connecting bus that will reach you to the main city in one hour time approximately. Further, for commuting within the city you can take an auto or cycle rickshaw.

silchar railway station

By Train: Located in the main city of Tarapur, Silchar has its own railhead connecting the city with some major destinations like Guwahati, Agartala, Kolkata and Delhi. If you plan to travel Silchar via train, keep a tab on some of the important trains like Porvotr S Kranti, Cachar Express, Agartala Silchar Passenger Train and Kanchanjunga Express.

silchar by road

By Road: Silchar is well accessible by road from its neighbouring states like Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram. From the places like Guwahati, Shillong, Agartala and Aizawl, it takes around 8 to 12 hours time to reach Silchar by road. There are regular government and private buses that frequently travel between these locations. Alternatively, one can also get into a sharing Sumo car or any other private vehicles to reach Silchar.

Please to stay:


On inquiring about the places to stay in Silchar, numbers of budget and luxury accommodations are set up here from time-to-time. Considering the growing footfalls of travellers, most of these hotels are established here inclusive of basic amenities for visitors. Hence, you can expect a comfortable stay while holidaying in the city of love.

Hotel borailview in silchar

Amongst many, some of the popular hotels in Silchar are listed here for your convenience:


Address: Circuit House Road, Tarapur,

 Silchar, Assam 788001

Charges (approximately): INR 1230


#Orbit Hotel

Ulik Patty,Central Road,

Silchar, India 788001

Charges (approximately): INR 2000


#Hotel Ellora

Club Road, Silchar,

Cachar, Assam India 788001

Charges (approximately): INR 1000


#Hotel Borail View

NH 53, Tarapur, Silchar,

Assam 788007

Charges (approximately): INR 2300


#Parijat Hotel and Restaurant

Vijoyshree Complex, Trunk Road,

Assam, Silchar, India 788002

Charges (approximately): INR 730


#J K Star Hotel

Lakhipur Road, Near Fatak Bazar,

Silchar, India 788001

Charges (approximately): INR 800


Being an absolute paradise for natural escape, Silchar adds so much contentment to your voyage making your holiday a most happening one like never before. So if you are still perplexed in chalking out an offbeat destination for time off, make it to Silchar and take an absolute pleasure from the natural exquisiteness of the place in the midst of a relaxing climate.

Have a blissful voyage!!



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