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Places to see in Theni, Tamil Nadu

Theni, a popular South Indian art and architectural center in Tamil Nadu sees a god number of tourists’ footfall round the calendar. This small city of western region is eminent for producing a large number of crop products like textiles, banana, coffee, silk, rice, pulses, millets, cereals, grapes, chillies and cotton. Because of its huge volume of cardamom trade, Theni is also known as the City of Cardamom. Besides being an abode to various agricultural products, Theni or Teni also boasts some spectacular religious center and tourist spot to behold.

Let’s take you for a virtual ride to this crop land of Tamil Nadu:

Theni Glimpse


Located at an elevation of 100 meters from the sea level in the periphery of Kerala, Theni has some mesmerising locations to travel around. The inhabitants of Theni are quite religious and generous by nature. They are mostly involved into agricultural practices, which is their prime source of earnings. When in Theni, one can speak English and Tamil. The climatic tales of the city is tropical. Hence, summers are quite hot and winters are evenly delightful here. Anyone planning a short trip to Theni can make it there from October to May. If you wish to witness the spectacular festive mood of Theni people, some of the eventful occasions here include Ekadasi, Utsavam and Pongal. To be a part of their traditional fiesta, be there in the month of January or February and take home some wonderful memories from the agricultural land of Tamil Nadu.

Places to see


Having said its agricultural affluences, one can explore many other attractions when in Theni:

#Kamatchi Amman Temple

Kamatchi Amman Temple in Theni

How about visiting a temple where no idol is worshipped in particular? Doesn’t it sound quite mysterious? Located atop the Kodaikanal hills in Devadanapatti, Kamatchi Amman is a Dravidian shrine, which pulls plenty of visitors from various parts of the country. The temple is surrounded by lush bush and lively waterfalls, and no age old traditional rituals are performed here at Kamatchi Amman. On accessing to the temple, you won’t notice any idol, door or any tower. The only worshipped object here is a holy casket where Bananas and coconuts are offered by the visitors. Besides, one can also feel a divinely ambience in the temple, which is filled with the aroma of ghee being used to ignite the lamp. So when in Theni, Kamatchi Amman Temple is a must explored destination.

#Arulmigu Balasubramanya Temple

Arulmigu Balasubramanya Temple in Theni

Despite being an agricultural center, Theni is also laid out with several religious centers. One of the ancient temples in this list is the temple of Arulmigu Balasubramanya, which is devoted to Lord Murugan. Located on the bank of river Varaha, the temple is believed to be 2000 year old that boasts a six headed idol of Lord Murugan accompanied by an idol of his wife. Plenty of worshippers flock here on regular basis to pay their reverences to Lord Murugan.

#Vellappar Temple

Vellappar in Theni

One more addition to the pious site near Theni is Vellappar Temple, which houses three idols of Lord Saptakannikas and Vinayaka. In the words of local inhabitants, these idols were discovered by Paliyars, the local tribes of Theni. Besides its spiritual significance, the temple environs offer you a picturesque visa of the region. One big mango tree can also be noticed near the temple.


Fruits in Bodinayakkanur, Theni

If you want to buy bag full of fresh fruits in Theni district of Tamil Nadu, look no further than Bodinayakkanur. Situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats, this location is known for housing various markets and trade practices of fruits and crop products like mango, tea, coffee, silk, cotton and cardamom. So don’t forget to take home some fresh produces from the land of agriculture.

#Vaigai Dam

Built way back in 1959 across the Vaigai River, this Dam is a key attraction near Theni. Located in Andipatti region of Tamil Nadu, the 111 feet lofty Vaigai Dam is capable of storing water up to 70 feet. A stroll around the Dam in early spring morning can offer you an amazing ambience to feel.

Vaigai Dam in Theni

So when in Theni, make sure to explore the cited destinations. A blend of agricultural affluence and tranquil environment makes one visitor to step into this enchanting destination time and again.

Getting there


If you are planning a trip to this least explored region anytime soon, following are the key modes of commutation to get there:

By Air: The nearest airport to Theni is Madurai Airport, which is located in 88Kms reach from the destination. Alternatively, air travellers can also fly till Cochin International Airport located nearly 168Kms from Theni. These airports are well-connected to various major destinations like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. From the airport, various private vehicles can be hired easily by a visitor to travel further.

By Train: Theni railhead is well-connected to various neighbouring destinations like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Coimbatore and Trivandrum. Hence, anyone planning a trip to Theni by train, it is absolutely a convenient option to avail. From railway station, one can hire a car to reach Theni without a fuss.

By Road: Akin to convenient air and railway connectivity, Theni is well-accessible by road as well. There are frequent bus services to reach Theni from the places like Chennai, Trivandrum and Madurai. One can also hire a cab or taxi to reach Theni from these destinations. The scenic beauty on the go is absolutely spellbound for a traveller.

Places to stay:


The small crop land of Tamil Nadu has several budget and pleasant staying options to offer. By paying an amount of INR 1000 or more, one can easily avail a decent accommodation in the city. However, the charges may vary as per the type of hotel and facilities availed by a visitor. Some of the frequented hotels in and around Theni are New Everest Hotel, Adhitya Hotel, ABM Grande and Western Gatz. In addition, many other medium and deluxe hotels are also there that one can avail.

Have a wonderful stay in Theni


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