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Places to visit in Tawang, a paradise in North East India

The natural abundance of North-East India entices visitors from all across the globe. With its breath-taking natural grandeur that ranges from dense woods to steep region and overwhelming plains, North-East leaves every nature lovers and adventure junkies absolutely amazed. One such magnificent destination to behold in this region is Tawang.

Natural beauty of Tawang

Nestled in the periphery of state Arunachal Pradesh, Twang is one of the most of mesmerising destinations for the Globetrotters. Be it the scenic exquisiteness or audacious activities, this wondrous hill station is frequented by plenty of vacationers, honeymooners and travellers from different parts of the sphere. Twang is a homeland to the Monpa tribe and the territory shares its border with Tibet, Sela and Bhutan in its north, east and south-east directions respectively. The overall environ of the Tawang drives one to a different level of enchantment and serenity. Besides witnessing a blend of monastery and war memorials, there are several other popular places as well that one can visit in Tawang.

Before planning a voyage to Twang, one should keep a tab on the following things:

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Literal meaning: The word Tawang combines two words wherein; the word “Ta” indicates Horse and the word “wang” signifies Chosen.

Best time to visit: The tropical climate of Tawang keeps the place hot in summer and frosty in winter. However, being perched on an elevation of 2669 metres from sea level, the summers are comparatively restrained here. But the maximum footfalls can be observed in Tawang from March to October when the temperature is quite delightful.

Weather: Having said the tropical climate in Tawang, summer hits the place in the month of March and lasts here till June. During summer, one can expect a maximum temperature of 210C. Summer is followed by monsoon that arrives in the mountainous region in the month of July and lasts around the terrain till September with moderate rainfall. Winters are quite chilling in Tawang taking the temperature well-below minus 10. Tawang sees the most tourist footfalls in winter when an amazing vista of snowfall can be witnessed.

Language and people: The most preferred language in Tawang is Tibetan. However, Hindi and English are also spoken in the city. Majority inhabitants in Tawang are of Monpa tribe who are generous by heart and religious by nature.  Some of the key festivals that are celebrated here with great gusto are Moatsu, Hornbill, Laho dance and the fiesta of Behdeinkhlam.

After highlighting the basic info, let’s take you for a virtual ride to some of the key attractions of this popular tourist destination:

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Tawang Monastery: Perched at an elevation of nearly 3000 metres, the Monastery is one of the key tourist pullers in Tawang, which is reckoned as the second ancient monastery globally. The spiritual Tawang Monastery is an abode to many followers of Buddhism. The overall ambience in the monastery plunges one into an absolute extent of tranquillity. This is a worth visiting site when in Tawang.

Tawang Monastery

Sela Pass: This is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable sites that one can behold in Tawang. Believed to be an absolute paradise on the mother-earth, Sela Pass remains blanketed with snow during winters. This is considered to be the one of the preferred locations in Tawang for adventure lovers and bikers. There is another tourist attraction adjacent to Sela Pass, which is Paradise Lake. The picturesque panorama of Paradise Lake leaves every nature bystander completely spellbound.

Sela Pass

Jaswant Garh: Situated at a distance of nearly 22Kms from the Sela Pass, Jaswant Garh is another stirring site for tourists. The site is named after a warrior, Jaswant Singh, who has sacrificed his life in a battle against Chinese army way back in 1962.  Today, plenty of tourists and local inhabitants flock this place to confer their respect to the lost soul of this courageous solider. So when in Tawang, make sure you don’t skip witnessing this prestigious place.

Jaswant Garh in Tawang

Gorsam Chorten: Situated nearly 90Kms from the main city, Gorsam Chorten is a popular religious destination. This is the largest stupa in entire Tawang region, which has a crescent dome on its three-terraced establishment. The construction of Gorsam Chorten is believed to be built dates back in 12th century by a Monpa monk called Pradhar. Over the time, Chorten has established its spiritual existence to a large extent. Today, plenty of local inhabitants flock this place on routine basis to pay their reverences.

Gorsam Chorten in Tawang

Tawang War Memorial: One more significant structure in the city is Tawang War Memorial, which was built in the memory of martyrs who have sacrificed their lives during Indo-Sino war of 1962. One of the key attractions of this memorial is its 12 meter high colourful construction, which semblances to a stupa. Tawang War Memorial is also eminent as Namgyal Chorten, and the elevated construction of the memorial gives one an amazing vista of the surrounding areas from the peak.

Tawang War Memorial

Regyaling Gompa: Located in a close proximity to Tawang, Regyaling Gompa is another monastery that one gets to witness when in Tawang. This was founded by the former Rigya Rinpoche, and later the charge of this Gompa was taken over by the secretary of Rinpoche named Chang-sey. Apart from it’s divinely significance, Regyaling Gompa is enclosed with pine grove and lush bush.

Tawang Gompa

Getting there

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After exploring these popular sites in Tawang, it is essential to know the various modes of commutation to get there. Let’s emphasis on the major modes of transportation:

By Air: For air travellers, two major airports that are located near Tawang are Salonibari Airport, Tezpur (approximately 387Kms) and Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati (approximately 480Kms). From Tezpur, one can avail taxi or cab services to reach Tawang, which may take nearly 6 hours to complete the distance between these two places. Both these airports are in good connectivity with several destinations.

By Train: The nearest railhead is located in Tezpur, which is connected to Arunachal Pradesh via trains like Ghy Rajdhani and Porvotr S Krnti. From the railway station, one can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Tawang. Alternatively, for better and frequent railway connectivity, one can also book a train till Guwahati and from there take a bus or hire a cab to reach Tezpur or Arunachal Pradesh.

By Road: The road connectivity is quite convenient to reach Tawang from Tezpur. Numbers of regular state and private transports are there to reach Tawang from its neighbouring destinations. In addition, private taxis and cabs can also be availed from Tezpur. The scenic beauty on the go is very captivating. However, due to intense snowfall during winters, the road connectivity often gets jeopardised. But, adventure freaks find it quite thrilling to cover the distance on bike, which is quite arduous though.

Places to stay

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On enquiring about finding some decent accommodations in Tawang, the place is laid out plenty of comfy hotels serving the basic amenities to its visitors. Few medium-budget hotels are also there for a pleasant stay in Tawang.

tawang hotel

For your reference, some of the preferred accommodations and guest houses near the hill station are listed as follows:

#Buddha Hotel

Old Bazar Line, Arunachal Pradesh,

Tawang, India 790104

#Dolma Guest House

Hotel Dolma, Old Market

Tawang, India 790104


Craft Centre Colony,

Tawang, India 790104

#Siddhartha Hotel Tawang

Nehru Market, Opposite NHPC Office,

 Tawang, India 790104


Nehru Market –Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh,

Tawang, India 790104

Note: Hotel charges may vary as per the kind of hotel and facilities one avails. However, with a price range from INR 1000 to INR 2500, some good accommodations can easily be availed near Tawang. Besides, few hotels are also available with higher price range from INR 3500 to INR 5000.

Happy holiday!!



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