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Places you must visit in Manipur

Nestled in the northeast corner of India, the lush green state of Manipur aptly deserves the name, which in Hindi means “the jewel of a land”. The picturesque state with postcard worthy landscapes is known to the world more because of its divine Manipuri dance.

Manipuri Dance

Manipuri dance

Set among the smoky blue hills, the tiny state of Manipur is a land of myths and mystery. Tourist attractions in Manipur lie mostly in its splendid landscape, bounteous nature and its cultural wealth. The beautiful flora and fauna will keep each and every visitor mesmerized, and the serenity with vow all.

There are number of place to visit in Manipur.

Some of them are:

Shaheed Minar:

The indomitable spirit of the patriotic Meitei and tribal martyrs, who sacrificed their lives while fighting the British in 1891, is commemorated by this tall Minar at Bir Tikendrajit Park in the heart of Imphal city.

Khwairamband Bazar/ Ima Market:

A unique all women’s market, having 3,000 or more “Imas” or mothers who run the stalls.  A market for all , vegetables, fruits, fishes and household groceries are sold on one side and exquisite handlooms and household tools on the other.


The centre of Manipur’s power till 1891, the historical embodiment of Manipur Rulers and the people of Manipur, Kangla have a significant place in the heart and mind of the people of Manipur Govindajee temple, outer and inner moat and other relics are perfect reflections of the rich art and culture of Manipur.

Shree Shree Govindajee Temple: 
A historic Vaishnavite centre, adjoining Manipur’s former Maharajas’ Royal Palace, the Govindajee temple is one of the most attractive sights for the tourists.

Manipur State Museum:

This  Museum near the Polo Ground has a fairly good collection and display of Manipur’s tribal heritage and a collection of portraits of Manipur’s former rulers. Particularly interesting items are costumes, arms & ammunitions, relics and historical documents, showcasing Manipur’s rich cultural heritage.


Manipur Zoological Garden

Manipur Zoological Garden at Iroisemba is only 6 kms,on the Imphal-Kangchup Road at the foot of the pine growing hillocks . Here apart from various endangered species, tourists can have an opportunity to see the graceful brow antlered deer (Sangai), one of the rarest & endangered species in the world in its natural surroundings.

Loukoi Pat:

This tiny lake located near the Tiddim Road on N.H. 150 at Bishnupur is a retreat for visitors from within and outside the state. Boating facilities and the scenic beauty of the place is able to mesmerise the visitors.

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