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Popular Places to See in Aizawl, Mizoram

The natural affluence of North-Eastern States of India never disenchants your retreat. Be it a first timer or frequent traveller, the scenic splendour of north-east is always captivating to behold. This post is going to plunge you to some of the popular places in Aizawl, which is reckoned as the most enticing states of north-east India.

Perched on a ridge of nearly 3,700 ft. above sea level, the capital city of Mizoram, Aizawl is a mesmerising hill station to explore. Galore of natural magnificence blending with impeccable cleanliness, tranquil ambiance and exhaustive wildlife, this place has no dearth of tourist attractions.

Let’s catch a glimpse on the popular places to see in Aizawl:

#Durtlang Hills

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Durtlang Hills View point

Every hillock has its own kind of magnetism. Amongst many other breathtaking sites in Aizawl, Durtlang Hills stands as one of the most favourite sites to explore. Scaling atop the hill offers you a picturesque vista of Aizawl city. From the pinnacle, the city appears like a gleaming golden plate in the daybreak; while after dusk, the city looks like a starlit gush that not often you can spot anywhere. If you reach atop the hill when sunshine starts getting dwindled, a glow of golden lights under the dark sky will leave you completely spellbound. Durtlang hill is undoubtedly one of the popular sites that you must visit in Aizawl. The beauty of the site has allured several travellers from all over the country. Besides, a blend of rocky trek trail, blue hued mountains overlooking the Tlawng River and View Tower are some other attractions that make this place more tempting for travellers.

#Hmuifang Tang

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Hmuifang Tlang Aizawl

Nestled around 50Kms from the city centre, Hmuifang Tlang is another leading attraction in Aizawl. One of the major attractions that pull plenty of footfalls here is wildlife related activities. For the local inhabitants this place is quite popular for hosting the annual cultural festival Thalfavang Kut. This festival is celebrated in the month of November every year. Plenty of visitors flock this location that time to witness this spectacular fiesta. Besides its natural abundance, Hmuifang Tlang is also favourite site for adventure enthusiasts. So if you wish to emerge your rousing persona in Aizawl, look no further than Hmuifang Tlang. Keeping in mind the growing footfalls of visitors, the state Government has also started paying more attention to turn this site as a major tourist center in Aizawl.

#Dampa Sanctuary

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Sprawled over 500 sq kms land at the tip of the Mizo Hills, Dampa Sanctuary or Dampa Tiger Reserve is an absolute delight for wildlife lovers. Incorporated way back in 1976, this popular sanctuary is an abode to diverse range of wildlife species and birds that include gibbons, barking deer, leopards, rhesus macaque, sloth bear, python, wild boar, Indian bison, langurs, elephants and variety of birds. Apart from rich variety of fauna, the sanctuary also inhabits electrifying lakes, lush bush and water cascades within its periphery.

Dampa Sanctuary Aizawl

Moving ahead in 1994, this popular sanctuary has gained the status of tiger reserve. Today, this site is one of the leading destinations in Aizawl, which allures people of all age group. If you love wildlife photography, Dampa Sanctuary is certainly going to be an idyllic site for you.

#Falkawn Village

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Falkawn Village Aizawl

The capital city of Mizoram is laid out with plenty of eye-catching sites. One of which is Falkawn village, an offbeat cultural extravaganza portraying the lifestyle of Mizo inhabitants and tribes. Positioned nearly 21kms from the main city, this model village is an amazing effort to lay emphasis on the tribal cultures of the state and their way of lives. If you wish to know something more about the state and their culture, Falkawn village is always worth visiting destination in the capital city.


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Reiek Aizawl

If you have not explored the highest hills of Mizoram yet, 1600 meters lofty Reiek Tlang is the place you should visit in Aizawl. Situated around 35Kms from the city, this elevated hill spot is best known for amazing blend of serenity, natural exquisiteness, adventure and romance. Reiek Tlang is an absolute paradise for trekking and hiking activities in the midst of steep rocky cliff and virgin forest. In addition, this place is quite popular for birding. While crossing the steep rocky cliff, you get to listen amazing chirping of birds around the hill. So when in Aizawl, don’t forget to witness the arresting panorama of Reiek Tlang.

#Mini Zoological Garden

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Mini Zoological Garden Aizawl

Located in the heart of the capital city, Mini Zoological Garden is a must watch tourist destination in Aizawl. Also eminent as Bethlehem Vengthlang, this zoological garden boasts an array of endangered species of animals and birds. Because of its rare collection of animals and birds, Mini Zoological Garden has also gained international acclamation as well. Some of the wild animals that can be observed here are quite uncommon, which are usually not seen even in some of major zoos in India. For all animal lovers, Mini Zoological Garden in Aizawl is a must watch. Visiting here with your family is always enchanting, especially children going to take absolute pleasure from this amazing site.

#Mizoram State Museum

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Located on the hill of Mac Donald, Mizoram State Museum is one more leading attractions around the city. This museum was established by the Tribal Research Institute under Education Department. Since its inception in 1977, the museum has allured plenty of visitors in Aizawl. The museum is known for showcasing an array of numerous archaeological artefacts, history specimens of Mizo people, exotic photographs, Mizo folk musical instruments, traditional costumes of local tribes, model of Mizo house, knives and much more. The overall ambience inside the complex is quite tranquil. Hence, when planning a voyage to Aizawl, make sure Mizoram State Museum is in your must watch list.

Mizoram State Museum

So these are some of the favourite and most popular places to see in Aizawl. In addition, you may also explore many other interesting places in and around the city that include Vantawang Falls, Solomon Temple, Tamdil (Tam Lake), Saiha, KV Paradise, Bung, Salvation Army Temple, Berawtlang Tourist Complex etc.

How to go:

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Travelling to Aizawl is not a matter of concern for visitors. The city is well-accessible by air and by road. Let’s take a look over the important means of commutation to reach there in Aizawl:

Lengpui Airport

By Air: Thanks to Lengpui Airport, located nearly an hour drive from the main city. There are regular carriers that ply from Aizawl to some of the neighbouring cities like Imphal, Guwahati and Kolkata. From airport, one can easily hire private vehicle to commute further within the city.

By Train: There is no direct train to Aizawl. The nearest railway station is in Silchar (nearly 180Kms), which is further connected to various places like Guwahati, Kolkata, Agartala and Delhi. From Silchar railway station, you can hire Sumo or get into a state transport bus to reach Aizawl.

By Road: Aizawl is well-connected to its nearby cities through convenient road connectivity. Availability of NH-54 links Aizawl with Silchar, and the distance can be travelled in 6-8 hours time by road. There are regular state government buses and other private vehicles that run on regular basis for Aizawl from Silchar. People travelling from Guwahati, Agartala and Shillong can also reach Aizawl quite conveniently by road. The natural beauty of Aizawl can best be revealed while travelling by bus.

Aizawl road journey

Places to stay in Aizawl:

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The natural beauty of Aizawl allures plenty of visitors all round the year. Hence, you can expect good volume of visitors around the city. Considering the mounting interest that travellers have for this beautiful hill station in Mizoram, several decent hotels and accommodations are setup here in Aizawl over the time.  By spending an amount of INR 100-INR 1500, one can avail a decent staying option in Aizawl.

Hotel in Aizawl

Following are some of the hotels where you may plan for a pleasant stay while touring Aizawl:

#Hotel Chief

Zarkawt, Mizoram, Aizawl India 796001

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#Hotel Serow

Chaltlang Lily Veng Bawngkawn Road, Near State Guest House

 Aizawl, India 796012

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#David’s Hotel Clover

Chanmari, Aizawl G-16, Mizoram, India 796007

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#Orchid Hotel

Near Dawtui Bara Bazar, Bs 171 Dawrpui,

Aizawl, India 796001

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#Hotel Sangchia

Chanmari-Lower Zarkawt-Israel Point, Chaltlang,

Aizawl, Mizoram 796007


Have a blissful voyage!!

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