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People say that a combo of jewellery and shopping is women’s all time companion. But to be very explicit on this saying, it can be said that shopping is something which is not gender specific. No matter whether we purchase things as compulsive shoppers or not, but sometimes we get pleasure being a shopaholic. And the best part of its essence can be felt during holyday or at the time when we go festive. Be it a towering mall or the sweltering flea market on the go, we love to take home some goodies from the place we visit.

It can’t be denied that the multi-storeyed air conditioned malls in the city has made our lives easier and blissful under single roof. Starting from filling up our gastronomic needs to plan a photo session, air conditioned malls make us look no further. But standing aloof from these highflying malls, experiencing street shopping has a charm of its own kind. With packed stalls of goodies and clamour of bargaining around the road is something that made the flea markets in India an absolute paradise for shopaholics.

With tempting popularity of street markets, several locations or streets have been evolved as the favourite shopping hubs for the shopping buffs in India. But have you ever tried to find out the reason that made the trend of street shopping so appealing in India? Is that the pocket-friendly goodies or rich variety of choices that keep the buyers connected amidst the crowd for long? Let’s find an authentic answer through this post where some of the popular street markets or the mostly visited flea markets in India are outlined:

#Colaba Causeway, Mumbai


Reckoned as one of the best street shopping destinations in India, Mumbai’s Colaba Causeway is the one-stop-hub that can meet up your shopping desire to a great extent. Colaba Causeway is known as the Fashion hub of Mayanagri offering you a wide range of apparels, handicrafts, books, jewelleries and much more. Apart from the Mumbaikars, the place also pulls a large number of footfalls from various parts of India and overseas. Being the land of celebrity, visitors flock around the busy footpaths of Colaba chasing the replica wears of their favourite film stars, which are being used by them in the movies. Besides an array of reasonable chic products, the crowded Colaba Causeway also offers you a heritage vista of some vintage buildings that were constructed here way back by the British. To take home some latest fashion wears at the best bargained price, you can visit here all round the week from morning till night.

Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Key Attractions: Colaba Causeway is known as the shopping paradise for shopaholics. Some of the key attractions that one can’t afford to skip here are vibrant boutiques, shoes, chains, purses, latest cloths, jewellery, accessories and trendy tees for gents. In addition to a wide variety of street clothes and eye-catching accessories, Colaba Causeway is equally famous for some luscious street food. There are several restaurants near Colaba Causeway, but the best way to feel the shopping thrill here is trying the luscious platters from the street vendors. After bag full of shopping, don’t forget to taste the local food like Pav Bhaji, Falooda, Vada Pav, Panipuri and Frankie. Adding up, you will also find here some lip-smacking south Indian dishes as well.

Getting there: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and Churchgate are the nearest stations to reach Colaba by local trains. These two railway stations are in merely 5Kms reach from Colaba. For air travellers, the nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, which is located nearly 28Kms from your shopping destination. In addition, you can also hire a taxi and auto-rickshaw to reach there. From CST station, various buses are also available to commute till Colaba.

#Sarojini Nagar, Delhi


Sarojini Nagar Market or SN Market is one of the spectacular flea markets for Dehliites. Starting from latest fashion to food and drinks, SN Market tenders you an absolute delight of street shopping at unbelievable prices! What allures most of the shopping buffs to SN is its wide collection of export-surplus garments. If you are in desperate hunt of a brand like Zara or want to give your neckline a dazzling touch, SN Market is up there to fulfil your fashion desire at 1/4th its actual price. In short, this is a one-stop-place for weekenders showcasing a blend of style, colour and fun.

Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

Key Attractions: SN Market is laid out galore of funky outfits fulfilling all fashion requirements of a shopaholic. Some of the most bargained goodies at SN include Jeans, shoes, hair accessories and clutches. A stroll around multiple stores here makes it difficult for a buyer to come up with a final choice. In addition, a wide range of eye-catching collections glue you near each stall for long hours at SN Market. The place is equally spectacular for its various summer and winter collection. Colourful shoes, captivating bags, dazzling jewelleries, array of books and mouth-watering snacks are few other attractions at SN Market. You can visit and explore the market all day a week except Mondays on which the market remains closed.

Getting there: Being one of the busiest shopping hubs for youth, reaching Sarojini Nagar is not a fuss for shopping freaks. The market is around 12Kms away from Delhi Airport and merely 10Kms from New Delhi Railway Station. On the other hand, from Old Delhi Railway Station the distance to reach SN Market is around 16kms. Additionally, there are various buses, private cars and auto-rickshaws, which are equally convenient means of commutation to get there. Places like South Extension, INA, AIIMS and Safdarjung are quite proximate from the shopping centre.

#Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad


Hyderabad is eminent as the city of Nawaabs and Kebab. Here comes one more reason that takes you closer to the heart of this imperial city. One of the oldest markets in entire Hyderabad, the street stalls of Laad Bazaar is famous for its wide collection of artificial diamond studded bangles. Considering a rich variety of bangles here, the market is also popular as Choodi Bazaar. Located adjacent to the majestic Charminaar, Laad Bazaar is an absolute delight for ladies; especially for wedding related items. So if you inhabit in the city of Nawaabs and attending a marriage party is in your weekend plan, look no further. Give your attire a charming touch with the vibrant bangles and jewelleries of Laad Bazaar. The market can best be explored from 9AM-10PM throughout the week.

Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad

Key Attractions: Well, after depicting the special attributes of the market, it leaves no further surprises for a shopaholic about the key attractions at Laad Bazaar. However, if it’s going to be your first exploration, make sure you don’t miss here the blend of pearls and gems, jhumkas, dupattas, semi-precious stones, gold embellished fabrics, Kalamkari paintings and perfumes. In addition, an unpowered loom of silk, velvet and cotton equally arrest the attention of shopping aficionados to a great extent.  

Getting there: The vintage market of Hyderabad is located nearly 25Kms from the Hyderabad Airport, which can easily be reached by car, bus and cab. On the other hand, you can also hire a cab or auto-rickshaw to reach Laad Bazaar from Hyderabad Railway station, which is located nearly 5Kms from the city centre. For commuting within the city, bus, cab and auto are some of the feasible options that one can avail.

#Parrys Corner, Chennai


How about stepping into a flea market that showcases a diversity of products ranging from your household items to cosmetics? One of the frequently visited street markets in Chennai, Parrys Corner make it happen for you. Considering the wide collection of goodies, Parrys Corner is often referred as the Mecca of shopping in Chennai. Visiting this busiest place of Chennai offers you the best street shopping experience like never before. Apart from its wide range of product varieties, Parrys Corner is equally a cost-effective street market for shopping freaks. The market is open all day a week. Because of too many footfalls around the market, Parrys Corner is reckoned amongst the jam-packed areas in Chennai.  

Parrys Corner, Chennai

Key Attractions: This is a kind of flea markets where you will get variety of options against your desired products. Let’s take a look over the diversity here that turns the market area to one of the most crowded destinations in Chennai. If you want to buy any electrical goods or any chemical and surgical equipment, visit Parrys Corner. The available stores here also hosts an array of products related to Timber & Plywood, Dress Materials, Electric Motors & Pump sets, Handicrafts, Textiles & Eateries, Crockery and Steel Hardware. Well the list doesn’t culminate here. You will also get to buy here an array of second hand books, dry fruits & rice, footwear, carpets & mats and glassware. So, if you are still looking for an absolute shopping delight under single roof, Parrys Corner is just the place for you.

Getting there: Parrys Corner is located nearly 3 Kms from Chennai Railway station and nearly 21Kms from Chennai Airport. One can hire a prepaid taxi or take a bus from the city to reach Parrys Corner. Numbers of buses are there that will drop you near George Town, i.e. the location of this popular street market. Some of the nearby bus stops in this route include Univercity Club Bus Station, Broadway Bus Station and High Court Bus Station. In addition, you can also hire an auto or a cab to reach the markets of Parrys Corner.

#Gariahat Market, Kolkata


Kolkata, The City of Joy is eminent for its rich heritage and culture. It is quite hard to find a Bong who is residing in Kolkata and has never been to Gariahat. The reason being, this is one of the busiest junctions in the entire city, which is known for its copious stalls showcasing an array of jewellery, electronics, fruits, fish, furniture and much more. However, the place is best known for some top class saree shops in Kolkata. The market area turns more energetic after dusk when crowd start visiting the market to purchase their day-to-day requirements. The street market of Gariahat is open throughout the week from morning till night. However, on Sundays some of the stalls get closed by afternoon. If you are a first timer in the City of Joy, Gariahat Market is a worth visiting place for you.  

Gariahat Market, Kolkata

Key Attractions: Having outlined the key speciality of Gariahat Market, here you get to buy some exquisite Bengali sarees along with wide range of authentic ethnic wear for gents and kids. Presence of numerous stalls at Gariahat makes most of the goodies available for your everyday lives. Apart from various elegant collections of outfits, Gariahat Market is equally worth visiting for jewellery shops, household items, crockery & cutlery, flowers & plants, fruits & vegetables, fish & meat and various food items. Be it a first timer or a frequent buyer, in Gariahat one should know the right skill of bargaining. Besides its popular stalls and rich variety of useful commodities, Gariahat is also popular because of some important locations that are situated around this place. Some of these adjoining places are Ballygunge New Market, Pantaloons retail outlet, AMRI Hospital etc.  

Getting there: Reaching to one of the busiest street market in Kolkata is not a matter of concern for buyers. The place is well-connected to the main city through bus, cab and taxi. From Howrah and Sealdah railway station the distance to reach Gariahat is nearly 13Kms and 7Kms respectively. From Kolkata airport the distance is around 22Kms to reach Gariahat. There are number of buses that run from various locations of the city and pass through Gariahat. Places like Ballygunge, Golf Green, Santoshpur and Uttarbhag are in close connection with Gariahat by local buses. Additionally, you can also hire an auto-rickshaw to reach Gariahat.

#Fashion Street, Mumbai


Are you fond of Mumbai just because this is the land of celebrities? If your response to this question is yes, hold on! Mumbai has many other attractions as well that can equally hold your breath. If you find this statement bit phoney, visit Fashion Street for once. Spread with a cluster of around 385 street side clothing shops, Mumbai’s Fashion Street is known as the shopper’s Eden. One of the busiest and popular street markets in India, Fashion Street is laid out with galore of stuffs for a true shopping buff. Starting from designer brands to trendy knick-knacks, Fashion Street assures you a delightful street shopping experience like never before. For a fashion bystander, this flea market is a famous hangout spot in Mumbai, which remains packed mostly by the youths. You can enjoy an implausible shopping experience here throughout the week from morning to night. In the state of Maharashtra, there is one more Fashion Street that can be spotted in Pune.

Fashion Street, Mumbai

Key Attractions: Popularity of street shopping is growing at a rapid pace in India. And the momentum of this fashionable pace is sustained because of the availability of widespread shopping hubs like Mumbai’s Fashion Street. The place is famous for showcasing latest clothing at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a kind of dress, which was used by your favourite actor/actress in a recent movie, Fashion Street may be the place for you. Ample of vibrant stores with an array of designer brands, denims, funky tees, footwear and local food & snacks make your visit to this place absolutely blissful. Apart from its rich collections of traditional dresses, Fashion Street is equally appealing for the objects like colourful bangles, nightwear, furniture, gadgets, sunglasses, watches, studs and many other tempting accessories.

Getting there: Being one of the spectacular shopping hubs in Mumbai, Fashion Street can easily be reached by bus, cabs and auto. This place is very close to Churchgate Station, CST Station and M.G Road. From these places you can easily reach your destination by walk. The nearest landmark to this fashion hub is VSNL Tower. On the other hand, from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport the distance to reach Fashion Street is nearly 23Kms.

#Commercial Street, Bangalore


When you get into a discussion on the popular street markets in India’s metropolitan cities, you can’t skip the name of Commercial Street in Bangalore. The Silicon City Bangalore is known for its colourful lifestyle, vibrant night lives and moderate ambience. Given a chance to plunge into the city’s flea markets along with witnessing the works of promising artisans, Commercial Street gives you a valid reason to be there. Besides its wide range stores of goodies, Commercial Street also hosts some excellent food corners for foodies. The best time to browse the lanes around market is during morning. As the day progresses, the market area turns absolutely jam-packed with the footfalls of shopaholics from all around the city. Most of the stalls at Commercial Street open up by 10AM and close by 9PM. At Commercial Street, make sure you are good at bargaining.


Key Attractions: Bangalore’s Commercial Street is popular for variety of showrooms offering you some latest collections from the world-famed brands. The place is popular for wide range of clothes. In addition, you will also find here different useful goodies of your daily requirements. Some of the key attractions at this market include electric goods, jewellery, home decor items, furniture, foot wares, toys, bags, antique pieces, fashion accessories, consumer durables and much more.

Getting there: The nearest railway station is Bangalore City Junction, which is situated nearly 5Kms from Commercial Street. On the other hand, the distance between Bangalore Airport and Commercial Street is around 35Kms that can be reached by car and bus. One of the busiest street markets of Bangalore is well-connected to different parts of the city. The destination is well reachable by bus as well. Some of the nearby bus stops to Commercial Street are Parade Ground Bus Station, Lavanya Talkies Bus Station, Rbanms College Bus Station and Shivajinagar Bus Station. So, if you are planning for a weekend hangout in Bangalore with bag full of goodies, look no further than the Commercial Street.

#Chor Bazaar, Mumbai


Mumbai, the commercial capital of India has lot many things to offer to a weekender, tourist and a shopper! Nestled in the South Mumbai area of Maharashtra, Chor Bazaar (thieves market) is undoubtedly one of the largest flea markets in India, which is popular for showcasing second hand and vintage items. Times back the market used to be known as Shor Bazaar (noisy market). Moving ahead, most of the stolen goods started finding their way into this market. As a result, this 150 years old flea market got its identity as Chor Bazaar. Probably this is one such market from where you can re-purchase your stolen products. When at Chor Bazaar, literally you get to buy your own product for the second time. First time you purchase it at a higher price and then you buy it back from Chor Bazaar at a bargained price. Isn’t it something silly? Chor Bazaar can be visited all day a week except Fridays.

Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

Key Attractions: Visiting the heritage flea market of Mumbai is always a suppressed desire for many shopping freaks. If you are finicky about some exotic and vintage items, nothing could be more lucrative option than visiting Chor Bazaar. Starting from old gramophones to latest gadgets, this place is an absolute delight for shopping lovers. Colourful stones gem rings, iron equipments for gym, binoculars, automobile accessories, vehicles, artistic collections, clothes, movie posters and sport items are the key attractions at Chor Bazaar. The market is more happening to them who has good bargaining skills.

Getting there: The most sensational street market of India can be visited quite conveniently from various parts of Mumbai. From Mumbai Airport the distance to reach Chor Bazaar is around 23Kms that can be covered by taxi or cab. On the other hand, from the places like CST and Grant Road Station, the distance is merely 2Kms. If you take a walk from Grant Road station and follow the route via MS Ali Road, the distance can be covered in 20 minutes. In addition, you can also hire an auto or take a cab from South Mumbai to reach your favourite shopping destination.

Well, these are some of the popular street markets or top flea markets in the metropolitan cities of India. However, the list doesn’t culminate here. In India, you will also come across many other street markets that are equally appealing. Some of these street markets in India include Johari Bazar (Jaipur), Anjuna Flea Market (Goa), Kitsch Mandi (Bangalore), Janpath (New Delhi), New Market (Kolkata), Police Bazaar (Shillong), Jew Town (Kochi), Hazratganj (Lucknow), Lokhandwala Market (Mumbai), Tibet Market (Shimla), Serenity Beach Bazaar (Pondicherry), Mall Road (Darjeeling) and Ravivari Bazaar (Ahmedabad).

No matter the intense of crowd you face or kind of afford you put to get yourself into a win-win situation, street shopping always cater you an unparallel charm. Yes, we do act smarter when we go cashless on e-commerce portals but the fun we get over street shopping is truly unmatched!!


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