Mawlongbna Village

Potential Tourism Paradise To Be Found At Mawlongbna Village

Mawlongbna Village is located in Mawsynram within the East Khasi Hills District. This small piece of India is a slice of paradise which has just recently been unveiled to the world as a whole.

Mawlongbna is a place that exemplifies Mother Nature’s bounty in the form of scenic beauty which has remained untouched for centuries. The village is inhabited by a peaceful community which grows as one with the surrounding environment.

Due to this abundant supply of natural beauty and sources, the Mawlongbna Multipurpose Cooperative Societies LTD took it upon them to transform this village into a popular destination as a rural tourism destination as Mawlongbna initiative. The aim of this project is to ensure this village stays on the radar as the most popular and sought after tourism experience within the circumference of Meghalaya.

Mawlongbna Travellers

Through this project, a fund was set up that built a Mawlongbna Travellers Nest, which includes two cottages to house tourists as well as a shared dining hut, creating a village getaway experience like no other.

The panoramic drive from the capital city of Shillong is quite breathtaking in itself, viewing magnificent waterfalls while standing on the edge of a cliff, admiring landscapes that will stay in your mind forever or enjoying the lush green forests filled with exotic fauna and flora indigenous to the area itself. The impressive ride ends at the arrival of the Mawlongbna Travellers Nest, which overlooks the plains of Bangladesh.

Nestled in between the Protected Community Forest, a stretch away from the village itself, the Travelers Nest allows for peace and tranquillity that many tourists seek for. The kitchen ensures delicious meals are prepared freshly on a daily basis which is enjoyed in the communal dining hut.

Surround by three to four crystal clear lakes, tourists can enjoy a dip exploring the pools while cooling off from the heat. As the area was once emerged in water thousands of years ago, it is possible to stumble across fossils of sea creatures from legendary eras of before.

Being one of the villages chosen by the state government to start this rural tourism at Mawlongbna project, there are various spots for base jump and trek trails to be enjoyed. These relatively new base jump and sky diving locations are being marketed by a few Shillong-based action adventure companies, though these sports haven’t quite been enjoyed as much by the locals as yet.

Mawlongbna Travellers Nest

Mawlongbna Travellers Nest

A picturesque plateau which houses embedded fossils from millions of years before are among the hidden gems of Mawlongbna. Getting to the plateau involves a short but beautiful trek though the Protected Community Forest which brings about wonderful little streams and creeks to be explored.

Spending an evening among the villagers is an experience like no other, as they are warm-hearted and generous. Sitting around and chatting to the locals about folklore tales and legends which surround Mawlongbna will delight guests to no end.

There is also a night market once a week, where fresh produce can be purchased. The market is busy, colourful, vibrant and full of life, allowing tourists to step back in time and experience what markets were like during times that have passed long before.

Being newly opened up to tourism, a trip to Mawlongbna will provide both action packed adventure as well as a place to rejuvenate and rejuvenate the soul.

Encompassed by the mystical and magical tales that surround this village, tourists can experience all it has to offer with regards to exploring its base jump spots and trek as well as the peaceful serenity it exudes, creating an enchanted travelling undertaking of a life-time.

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