Prem Mandir depict the Radha-Krishna lila.

Prem temple structure was established through Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. Prem Mandir is a religious and spiritual complex situated on a fifty four-acre site on the outskirts of Vrindavan Mathura India. Prem mandir is a very largest and beautiful palace that situated at very itractive and beautiful place of vrindavan mathura. Prem Mandir is dedicated to lord Shri Krishna. prem mandir depict the full life style of Shri Krishna, his followers depicting important events surrounding the Lord’s existence cover the main temple. Many number of the tourist people comes daily and enjoy the toure. Prem mandir is constructed by white stone and itelean marble.

Special features


Special features of the Prem Mandir that represent the Radha krishna lila through eighty four scenes. that are carved into the its outer walls, various depictions of the bhakti-yoga philosophy as revealed by Kripaluji, inlaid with semi-precious stones, as well as depictions of events in the life of Kripalu himself along with images of great saints and jagadgurus of Indian history. The devotees of the Jagad Guru Kripalu Parishat consider their guru to be a reincarnation of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

inside_pic Prem-mandir

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