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Ramoji Film City: The Most Popular Amusement Park in Hyderabad, India

After a strenuous lifestyle, we all need some desperate space for hilarity. Be it a school goers or an occupational individual, amusement works as a boozer to let go our droning lifestyle. And guess what; the word amusement contains so much within it that we can’t restrain ourselves from falling in it. Keeping that amusement affair in mind, this post is going to take you for a ride to one of the popular amusement parks in India, which is renowned as Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Whenever we talk about Hyderabad, the city always reminds us about the historic Charminar, which still carries its prehistoric tales in the terrain of Hyderabad. Apart from this historic monument, Hyderabad is also visited by a great number of tourists today for exploring the popular Ramoji Film City.

Let’s take a tour to one of the famous amusement parks in India, Ramoji Film City.

An Overview:


Being one of the major attractions in Hyderabad, Ramoji Film City was incorporated way back in 1996 by Ramoji Rao, the founder of Ramoji Group. Situated nearly 27 Kms from Hyderabad, the world’s largest integrated film city is a popular tourist attraction for showcasing an array of spectacular activities, thrilling caves, parks, live shows and much more. Sprawled over 1900 acres, the name of Ramoji Film City has already been entered in the Guinness World Records for being the world’s largest film studio complex. Today people of all age groups flock here from all round the sphere to take pleasure from this popular theme park. 

Ramoji Film City

Despite being India’s popular amusement park, Ramoji Film City is equally a worth exploring destination for trying some delicious platters and captivating knick knacks for the foodies and the shopaholics. Thus, Ramoji Film City is something beyond just a theme amusement park for visitors.

Places to see at Ramoji Film City:


Having said about its diverse range of attractions, Ramoji Film City offers you some thrilling opportunities to experience. Here’s what you should see at Ramoji Film City:


Borasura in Ramoji Film City

Are you addicted to horror movies? Can you handle some superfluous paranormal phenomenon? If yes, then you are at the right place. Sprawled over 7,000 sq. ft., the mysterious maze of Borasura’s horror house has all horror recipes to curdle the blood even from a brave heart individual. Scary walkthrough of paranormal activities will straight away goosebump your visit here on the first go. When in Borasura, don’t miss the evil magician’s workshop, which is the key attraction here. For a first timer, nothing could be as rousing as starting the outing here with the evil magician’s workshop. A blend of shady ambience along some terrifying sound effects offer you an unforgettable experience here like never before.

#Birds Park

Birds Park in Ramoji Film City

If you want to witness a World of Birds in the midst of Ramoji Film City, there is a Birds Park here showcasing an array of exotic birds like Swainson Lory, Green napped Lorikeet, Yellow streaked Lorry etc. The Birds Park at Ramoji Film City boasts four different bird zones inhabiting a rich variety of bird species from various continents of the globe. Discovering a world of birds filled with their melodious chorus and flapped wings leaves you spellbound at Ramoji Film City. In addition, a blend of natural wooden perches, wooden logs, replicated tunnels and green foliage adds more splendour in the landscape of Birds Park. This is an absolute delight for visitors who are accompanied here by their family and buddies.

#Kripalu Caves

Kripalu Caves in Ramoji Film City

Caves make you feel you something exhilarating in the midst of natural galore. If you want to witness a scenic exquisiteness blending history, religion and traditional sculptures under one roof, Kripalu Caves may be the place for you. This cave was brought into existence by Sri Ramoji Rao Garu. On entering the Kripalu Caves you can witness some captivating artistic tradition of India depicting the diversified history and creeds of Bodhisattva and Kalinga Mardhan. At the backdrop of the caves there is giant shrine of Buddha showcasing three divine jewels of art and religion. Kripalu Caves is a must visit place at Ramoji Film City. The tranquillity around the caves takes you to a different level of spirituality.

#Filmi Duniya

Filmi Duniya in Ramoji Film City

Probably one of the spectacular attractions at Ramoji Film City is Filmi Duniya where you require no Visa or Passport to take a ride around the world famous countries. There you get to spot numbers of popular replicated structures of Paris, Bangkok and many other manmade cities. Presence of some eye-catching locations and sets are being used here for many Bollywood movies. The site of Filmi Duniya makes you visit this place time and again. This place is an absolute delight for the people of all age group. So when at Ramoji Film City, make sure you don’t skip Filmi Duniya at any cost. Here is a Movie Magic Park where you can also take pleasure from some astounding acoustic effects, action Studio, earthquake tremors.

#Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park in Ramoji Film City

A fascinating spot to stop by Ramoji Film City is Butterfly Park, which takes no time to grab the attention of child visitors. As the name suggest, here you get to observe a diverse range of multicoloured butterflies flying amidst the manmade waterfalls. A blend of picturesque environs and some of the world’s most striking butterflies leaves you awestruck at this park. Children are going to fall in love with this beautiful Butterfly Park.

In addition to Butterfly Park, there is also a popular Kids Park at Ramoji Film City where they can enjoy a blend of delightful rides like Dadajinn’s Ark, Ballerina Fount, Thrillville Rides, Wondervill and Timberland.

#Live Shows

Live Shows in Ramoji Film City

Despite being an eminent amusement park, Ramoji Film City is also visited for several interesting live shows that are held here from time-to-time. People flock here from different parts of the city to take part in some beguiling Live Shows like Spirit of Ramoji, Dome Theatre Shows, Wild West Stunt Shows and much more. Some of the astounding performances here by the skilled artists leave you overwhelmed.


Eureka in Ramoji Film City

One of the offbeat places to explore in Ramoji Film City is Eureka. Here, you get to plunge into some historic moments of Mauryans and the Mughal emperor. The place showcases a rich variety of national as well as international cultural artefacts making Eureka a worth visiting destination in Ramoji Film City. Having explored Eureka, you can say that Ramoji Film City is indeed an ultimate leisure destination for tourists.

Fees and Timing:


There are various amusements that you can enjoy at Ramoji Film City. Accordingly the charges may vary from INR 1000 to INR 2200 or more. There are several types of carnivals as well that are organised here from time-to-time. The park timing is from 9AM to 8 PM.

Things to do at Ramoji Film City:


Well, your amusement trip to Ramoji Film City doesn’t culminate here. The place is laid out with several other exciting activities and rides to offer. Let’s take a look on some of the enthralling things that you should do at Ramoji Film City:

#Sahas Adventure Land

Sahas Adventure Land Ramoji Film City

It’s time now to emerge out your daring persona. Reckoned as the largest Adventure Land of Asia, Sahas Adventure Land offers you some nerve-pumping and delightful adventure activities like Bungee ejection, High Rope Courses, zorbing, shooting and archery. In addition, take an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) ride could add more thrill to your presence at Sahas Adventure Land.

#Studio Tour

Studio Tour Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Studio Ride is something that you can’t miss here at the favourite amusement park of Hyderabad. For an absolute nature buff, Studio Tour takes you through some startling gardens here at the Ramoji Film City, which includes Angel’s Fountain Garden, Japanese Garden, Sanctuary Garden, Askari Garden, Sun Fountain Garden, Bonsai Garden etc. This is an awesome experience to have around the lush greenery. For a true nature enthusiast this place is popular as the Eco Zone.

#Food Taste at Ramoji

food at Ramoji Film City

Real fun of an excursion remains curtailed unless you get to taste something luscious. If you are a passionate foodie, Ramoji Film City has variety of quality eateries for you. Most of the restaurants here are named after Hindi movies like Sangam, Dostana, Dilse, Super Star and much more. Besides, Jimmy’s Drive and Chanakya are two popular resultants here offering you some lip-smacking platters. Starting from Hyderabadi Biryani, Special Country Chicken Curry to spicy mutton fry, you get to taste variety of food options at Ramoji Film City. Some of the popular eatable that you must try here are Tomato & Gongura Pachadi, Jonna Rotte, Bellam Jilebi and Nuvvula laddu.


Shopping at Ramoji Film City

Ranging from adventure rides to bag full of goodies, Ramoji Film City has it all for a visitor. If you are a shopaholic, get ready to have some of the amazing shopping experience with Movie Magic Memorabilia, Wild West Souvenirs and Meena Bazaar. There are many stores showcasing an array of tempting souvenirs and interesting knick knacks for shopping lovers. So, don’t skip this opportunity to take home some alluring goodies for you.

Getting there:


People outside Telangana can reach here either by flight or by train. For commuting within the city, one can hire cab or get into a bus. Let’s take a look on the important modes of commutation to reach Ramoji Film City:

By Air: The nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, which is located nearly 39 Kms from Ramoji Film City. Hyderabad airport is well-connected to all major cities in India and aboard. From airport, you can hire a cab or get into a bus to travel further.

By Train: For railway commuters the nearest railhead is Nampally Railway Station, which is situated around 28 Kms from Ramoji Film City. In addition two other railheads here are Secunderabad Railway Station and Kachiguda Railway Station. Some of the major trains to reach Nampally Railway Station are Sabari Express, HYB KOTA Special, Hussain Sagar SF Express, East Coast Express and Rayalaseema Express. From railway station you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Ramoji Film City.

Nampally Railway Station

By Road: Hyderabad is in good roadway connectivity with its neighbouring places. Thanks to the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation for making Hyderabad an easy accessible destination by road. In addition, there are plenty of private buses, cabs and taxis through which you can reach Ramoji Film City without a fuss.

Places to Stay:


There are number of luxury and budget hotels situated around Ramoji Film City. Depending on your amenities and type of accommodation you select, the prices may range from INR 800 to INR 5000 and more.  

Hotel at Ramoji Film City

Here are few popular hotels recommended for you:

#Nova Pride Hotel

Plot No. H4, Abhyudaya Nagar, Near Vishnu Theatre,

Chintalkunta, Vanastalipuram,

Telangana, Hyderabad, India 500070


# Hotel Sitara

Ramoji Film City, Hayath Nagar Mandal,

R.R. District, Hyderabad, India 501512


#Summer Green Resort

Survey No. 90/A, 111, 112/A, 112b,

Thumkunta Village, Shamirpet Mandal,

Telangana, Hyderabad, India 500078


# Swagath Grand

A.S.Rao Nagar, Beside Radhika Theater, Ecil Road,

Hyderabad, India 500062


Ramoji Film City, a magical kingdom of exhilaration and bolt from the blue makes your presence here quite rejuvenating. This is an absolute thematic holiday destination not only for tourists, but for weekenders as well. So, what are you waiting for? If you are a first timer, plan your next excursion to Ramoji Film City and take home some wonderful memories from the world’s largest Film studio complex and popular amusement park in Hyderabad.


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