Ranikhet – Beautiful Hill Station in India

Ranikhet is a beautiful Hill station in Almora district in India. It is known as the home for the Military hospital and maintained by Indian army. Ranikhet means “Queen’s meadow”. This place gets its name from a local legend ‘Raja Sudhardev‘. Animals like leopards, red fox, barking deer, jackal, pine marten, Indian hare, red-faced monkey, mountain goats, langur and sambar flourish in the jungle near Ranikhet. This place also has Asia’s highest 9 hole golf course. In this area, many fruits including apples, apricots, plums and peaches are grown.

Ranikhet is popular for its culture. Festivals like Nanda Devi Mela is celebrated in the honour of Sunanda Devi and Nanda Devi. People are fond of shopping so Ranikhet also has shopping centres. In Ranikhet, Sadar Bazaar is the major shopping area. Many hotels and restaurants are situated here. Speciality of Ranikhet is “Bal Mithai“. Tourists must buy Bal mithai if they are coming here. This sweet is made from concentrated milk and is covered in sugar beads. People who go for a tour want to try some different type of food. Ranikhet provides best restaurants like River View restaurant and resort, Mayur Restaurant and Royal Retreat. One of the best restaurant that serves good quality vegetarian food is Dunagiri.

Places to visit:

Army Museum in Ranikhet1. Army Museum:

This museum is a must visit for visitors. Visiting this museum gives you a strong feeling of patriotism. It is well maintained and an army guide will help you know about the history of this museum.


2. Jhula Devi Temple:

This place is very peaceful, calm and beautiful. The popularity of this temple can be assumed by seeing the number of bells hanging there. The priests of this temple have to change these bells with the new ones. Dried coconut and prasad is offered to the goddess.

Jhula Devi Temple

3. Rama Mandir (temple):

This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. At this place, students are taught about vedas and modern mathematics. People who have interest in vedas must visit this place.

These are a few famous places in Ranikhet. There is much more to see in Ranikhet like: Bhalu Dam, Sheetalkhet and Dwarahat.

Rama Mandir Ranikhet

There are many sunset points too in Ranikhet. You can watch this near Sadar Bazaar area or just below the Kumaon regimental centre roads. There are other points also where you can see sunset and sunrise, like Machkhali located near near woodvilla point between Transit Camp and Ganiadeoli and from Jhula Devi Temple too. Best time to visit Ranikhet is from September to November and from April to June.

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