Tourist Place to Visit - GOA

Scenic Goa Beaches & Beauty Attracts Tourist

Goa is one of the most favored place by tourist. It is known as the fourth smallest state by population in India. It is ranked as top state because it provides best life in India. This place is visited by large number of people whether it is international tourist or domestic tourist.

Things You Can Do in Goa

1. Go Crocodile Watching – This is one of the most exciting thing you can do here. Instead of hunting them people must watch them. Here the crocodiles are living in a natural environment. It is hard to spot them out as they looks like rocks but later when they suddenly lunge into water you can detect them.

Crocodile Watching Goa


2. Learn Ballroom Dancing – Ballroom dancing is very much famous in Goa. It is not just a Bollywood or a night club dance, it is actually a ballroom dancing a real thing in here. With this you can also get time to close with your beloved one. It is not that much difficult. you must try it.

3. Para-Gliding – It is really an adventurous task and really very exciting. One should try this. It is only available on a couple of beaches. If you are not good at this, then professionals are allotted to you. By this you can go as higher as you want. Faint-hearted people must avoid this.

Culture of Goa

Here many festivals are celebrated like – Diwali, Christmas, Dasara, Easter, Shigmo,Chavoth, and Samvatsar Padvo. New year celebration and Goan Carnival is also celebrated so as to attract large number of tourist.

Goa Carnival

Traditional Goan art forms are Dekhnni, Dulpod, Corridinho, Fugdi, Mando,and Fado.

Rice with fish curry is the specialty of Goa. Goa is famous for its non-veg cuisine specially for its variety of fish dishes. Goa’s infrastructure is a combination of Islamic, Indian and Portuguese styles.

Places to See in Goa

1. Casino Royale : It is the largest floating Casino in Goa. It is one of the classiest place. It also having a gaming floor including all table games, slots, poker ,etc. It also has an dining floor.

Casino-Royale Goa

2. Chapora Beach – It is really very beautiful beach having a lovely scenic view. It is closest beach in Goa. It also provides water sports activities too.

3. Salim Ali bird Sanctuary – Here you can find a variety of local birds and migratory birds. Here you can also see crocodiles,flying foxes,jackals and much more.

4. Fatorda Stadium – It is also known as Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. football matches are held here. Tourist must come here to enjoy the live match of football.

There is much more things you can do here, should plan your vacation.

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