Seeking Adventure? Take a Trip to Zanskar Valley!

If you are looking for a vacation opportunity that is like nothing you have ever experienced before, book a trip to Zanskar Valley for your family. Located in the Ladakh region of North West India, this place is a must visit at least once. If you like travelling and love experiencing and exploring new places, Zanskar Valley is the perfect vacation spot for you. Closed for almost 9 months in a year due to snow and ice in the region, this area is a true gem to visit during the open season. Offering some of the most beautiful scenic views, virtually undisturbed by human hands, Zanskar Valley is a delight to visit.

Zanskar River Valley

No matter what your interests, there is an abundance of activities and resources you can indulge in while visiting Zanskar Valley. Couples looking for a remote, romantic getaway will enjoy the peace, quiet, and privacy that is available to them in this region. Photographers will be astounded at the vast array of breathtaking Tibetan photo opportunities throughout the mountains and gorges. Individuals looking to take part in more athletic outdoor activities will be pleased with the variety of mountain trekking, hiking, and white water rafting opportunities that are famous in Zanskar Valley. Fans of culture and history will want to visit some of the historical monasteries and small communities that are peppered throughout the area, affording a taste of the simple, austere lifestyle of the Zanskar Valley locals.

The Zanskar Valley awaits all the travel enthusiasts to offer scenic views, abundance of activities and a lifetime opportunity to capture beautiful memories. There is no better place to experience the raw majesty of the Himalayan mountains, the true beauty of nature, and the rich culture of one of the world’s most colorful countries, all in one trip.

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