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Shigmo Festival 2018: The Traditional Hindu Festival, Goa

Anyone not aware of the carnival of Shigmo in Goa, this post is certainly going to prompt their inner festivity. Shigmo is one of the biggest Hindu festivals celebrated in the terrain of Goa; and like every year, the pageant and gala is evenly expected to be better and bigger than ever before. So all backpacker get ready to plunge into the Shigmotsav 2018 in Goa. The 15-day long (March 3 to March 17) festival is a different version of Holi, which is celebrated all across Goa with great gusto.


Shigmo is a blend of parade, folk dance, floats, drum, songs and colourful decoration all over the streets of Goa. Two key attractions of the carnival are Ghode Modni martial arts horse dance and the street parades. The parade starts in Ponda and proceeds to other parts of the city (south and north Goa) depicting the Ramayana and Mahabharata scenes. Plenty of Hindu devotees join the procession playing the big drums. Besides, several cultural programs are also organised in various parts of Goa like Panjim, Margao, Vasco da Gama, Mormugao and Ponda. Thus, visiting Goa during Shigmo is quite exciting. If you happen to visit any rural areas that time, the celebrations look more authentic and amazing with a blend of delicious Goan cuisine and feni. Entire Goa gets into a festive fever during these 15 days.

Significance of Shigmo:

Despite being a traditional Hindu festival, Shigmo lays emphasis on the life of Goan. The street turns more intoxicating with popular dance performances like Dekhni, Dhalo, Ghode Modni and Fugdi. In addition, the streets of the city are lit up with tempting decor portraying the vibrant lives in Goa.

Keeping in view the successful happening of Shigmo, the state Government has also joined hand in support of the public Shigmo parades. One more significance of celebrating this festival is to greet the spring season with colours. The festival is also considered as the biggest spring festival in Goa that pays reverence to the homecoming of the warriors at the end of the war against the invader.

Key attractions of the festival:

Shigmo festival is eminent for representing the spirit of Goa’s favourite spring festival all across the streets of Goa. Thousands of influxes are witnessed every year during this traditional festival in the state. But things that take this festival to another level of excitement are; covering each other with colours, iconic parade, traditional dance and music. However, the delight doesn’t culminate here. For sweet lovers, plenty of street vendors are there who showcases variety of sweet items including Goan Jalebis and Khaje.

Shigmo parade

Shigmotsav unites the people of all age. Even kids also enjoy the event to the fullest by shaping paper made idols and different mythological characters like Ravana, Narkasur and other. These effigies are burnt after the festival. In addition, people also take active part in Fancy Dress competitions by dressing themselves like Hindu God/Goddesses and many other spiritual characters.

Getting there:

Being one of the most happening tourist destinations in India, reaching Goa involves no hassle. If you are planning to attend the Shigmotsav anytime soon, here’s how you can get there with ease:

By Air: Goa is quite convenient to reach by air. The nearest airport is Dabolim airport, which is in good touch with most of the major domestic Indian cities. Besides, the international airport of Goa also has good air connectivity with different international destinations like the UK and Germany. Once you reach the airport, hire a cab or a taxi to reach Vagator, which is nearly 32Kms far from the airport.

By Train: There are three nearby railheads Vasco da Gama, Tivim and Maragao cementing the railway network of Goa with different parts of India. Some of the important trains to reach Goa are Kerla S Kranti, Mngla Lksdp Express, Chennai Central Vasco Da Gama Express, Trivndrm Rjdhni etc. From these railway stations, one can easily hire a cab or taxi to reach Vaga beach.

By Road: Travelling to Goa by road from the places like Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore is quite delightful. There are regular state transportations for Goa from these locations. Additionally, private buses, taxi and cabs can also be hired to reach Goa by road.

So anyone who has visited Goa for cobalt coastline and intoxicating nightlife, Shigmo festival is going to bolt them from the blue with different elements of carnival.

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