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Shillong – Best Holiday Destination in India

If you are looking for an ideal holiday, then visit Shillong, the capital of one of the smallest states in India, Meghalaya. Shillong is accessible from all sides by air, rail or road. Shillong has several spots where you can spend quality time.

Cathedral Catholic Church ShillongA number of famous activities in Shillong include exploration of the natural, beautiful caves and passing through the dark and murky interiors, and shopping at the Iewduh (Bara Bazar) which counts as one of the biggest markets in the region.

There are famous things and places to explore in Shillong. Some of the places worth visiting are the Cathedral Catholic Church, William Sangma State Museum which gives an insight to the lifestyle of the people, and the Don Bosco Centre for indigenous cultures which doubles up as a research and publication centre for promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of the entire region.

What attracts tourists to Shillong are the Lady Hydari Park where flowers bloom, Ward’s Lake, a small lake with small gardens walks and boats. Shillong Golf course has a scenic view of the valley covered with pine trees and is the oldest and best natural golf course in the world.


The Spread Eagle Falls offer a calm and spectacular view. There is also the Sweet Falls that look like a pencil of water because it falls vertically and is breathtaking. This place is excellent for a picnic. Further away from the Elephant Falls, two small beautiful and captivating falls are a sight to behold.

The highest peak is the Shillong Peak that has a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The forest has no dangerous or large animals that can be a threat. The surrounding forest is home to exotic and rare vegetation like pines and orchids. The insect eating pitcher plant can be found here.

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