Shimla: A beautiful & popular tourist destination

Shimla is a beautiful visiting place for tourists. It’s beautiful and pleasant scenes have charmed one and all by making it a popular tourist destination. It is also known as “Simla”. The people of Shimla are often called as “Shimlaites”. Most of the town in Shimla lies between 2,100m – 2,300m. In Shimla mostly Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Pahari languages are spoken. Shimla has a vast population of Hindus, though it also has Sikh, Christian and Muslim population too. Good medical facilities are available in Shimla. Shimla

Shimla is famous for its nature. In some routes you will be able to see a large variety of Shimla trees, shrubs, windflowers and ferns. You might be able to see a varied species of birds. Some of the special places for sightseeing are: 1. Kufri, 2. The Glen 3. The narrow forest trail, that runs above it loops around summer hill. 4. The Bhararispur.

Places to Visit in Shimla

  • Chadwick Falls

    Chadwick Falls Shimla

    Chadwick Falls

  • Chindi
  • Craignano
  • Fagu
  • Hatkoti
  • Indian Institute of Advanced Study
  • Jakhoo Temple
  • Jubbal
  • Kharapathhar
  • Kotgarh
  • Mashobra
  • Naldehra
  • Narkanda
  • Prospect Hill
  • Rampur
  • Recong Peo
  • Sankat Mochan
  • Sarahan
  • State Museum
  • Summer Hill
  • Tara Devi
  • Tattapani

Weather in Shimla is so beautiful, you can plan in June and July months as well to visit Shimla. Take a healthy breath in Shimla. Meditation is also available here. It has a Mall Road and the church present there is very popular. If you want to indulge yourself in luxury, visit the ‘Mall’. The Mall road in Shimla showcases latest trends, clubs, theaters, restaurants and cafes. You can also shop for cheap and relatively inexpensive things from lower bazaar. Tourists can shop things like handicrafts, shawls, jam and fruit juice, honey, quality woolens, silver jewelry. Even though you will find some entertainment centre and movie hall, there is nothing like ice skating in Shimla. Shimla boasts of  a golf resort in Naldehra, 23kms away from Shimla. Apart from engaging in the beautiful cover of the green grass, golf course is surrounded with splendid groves of deodar trees. Another famous tourist attraction is Narkanda, which has beautiful pine forests and offers the view of beautiful mountains surrounding it. Shimla has a couple of 5-star hotels with best facilities and medical care in case of emergency. Local transport in Shimla is undertake by a bus or private vehicles.

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