Simplicity of Mathura Attracts Tourists

If you travel to Mathura in India, you will get the opportunity to visit various sites of attraction and you can shop till you drop. It is a popular site because this is where Lord Krishna was born. It is also a famous pilgrimage destination for Indians. In the past, Mathura was a hub for artwork. If you are looking for a place to visit in Mathura, consider the following:

Kans Qila

If you are looking for monuments, this is the place to see and visit. You get to see the ruins of  the oldest port here at the banks of river Yamuna. People believe that a famous observatory point existed here.



Kusum Sarovar

Kusum Sarovar is a religious site you cannot miss. It is an attraction for all tourists. To visit the place, you have to hire a taxi. But it can be reached any time of the year.




Mathura Museum

The museum is very popular in Mathura. There is a broad collection of objects and artworks. Mathura museum is ideal for people who love history and artwork. You have to pay a fee before you visit the museum.


Rang-Ji-TempleRangji Temple

This temple is designed using South Indian style. It was completed in the year 1851. It has a traditional gateway. It is surrounded by tall walls and is one of  the biggest temples in this region.


It is a must visit site. It is a place to see relics of Lord Krishna. This is a famous place for festivals such as Annakut and Janmashtmi. Here, one can see religious people rolling on the sand to seek the blessings Lord Krishna.

You can also visit Barsana and Govardhan Hill.


There are a lot of places to shop in Mathura. One thing to buy here is the ‘pede’, a sweet made from Khoya. You also get to shop clothes for the deities and offerings for the gods. Other shopping places here include Highway Plaza, Krishna Nagar Marketplace and Holygate.

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