summer holidays in India

Summer Holiday in India

Are you confused of where to go this Summer? Well, it’s about time that you visited India?

India In A Glimpse: India is located in South Asia, surrounded by the three big mingling water bodies and filled with a rich culture of brotherhood and unity, and a paradise for food lovers with diversified traditions and different festivals. India has emerged to be a major hub for both local and international tourists. The following is a glimpse of tourist attractions that India has to offer.


Truly described as Paradise on Earth, Kashmir is engulfed in cold snow, high-peak mountains, farms and orchards which surround the alpine villages and ever-shining ancient buildings.

What you can do:

–       Go trekking on the snow filled mountainsKashmir

–       Experience boating across frozen waters

–       Visit ancient remains, temples and shrines and explore the different preserved cultures

–       Explore the tall pine trees that give way to the Lidder river

–        Try out your skills in water rafting

What you will need:

–       Jumpers, Sweaters and Warm clothes with appropriate foot wear.

–       Camping tent, bedding and warming equipment

–       Foods that keeps you warm in the cold temperature, such as Dry fruits

–       A digital camera (For photographers)

–       Money for self expense

–       Tourist Visa (For international tourists only)

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

A one-stop tourist hub consisting of 574 islands, located a little distance away from the Indian continent, Andaman and Nicobar Islands have attracted huge number of tourists over the past few years, although permanent residents are scarcely populated. The specific three key attractions in these islands include the Red Skin Island, Havelock Island and Port Blair.

What you can do:

Large numbers of tourists arriving here are fascinated and attracted by the wildlife preserved around the thick trees in the islands.

–       Explore the wildness of the sea by aqua diving in the calm waters of the island.

–       Unleash your skills in underwater photography.

–       Discover the mysteries of rare water species and old sunken ships.Andaman and Nicobar Islands

–        Pedal family boats across the waters to discover the amazing scenery and the power of nature.

What you will need:

–       A digital camera

–       Swim suits and clothes

–       Swimming equipment

–       Dry food that lasts long

–       Money for self expense

–        Tourist Visa (For International tourists only)


With its high snow-capped mountains and deep green valleys, Ooty has won over the hearts of many tourists. Surrounded by tall trees and thick forests, Ooty has also emerged as a wildlife center and a growing picnic spot.

What you can do:

– One of the major attractions in this snow-filled destination is the Udagamandalam mountain train ride. It goes across the high-raised mountains through the tea plantations and the lush green slopes.

–       Explore the botanical gardens filled with colorful flowers and varied plantations.

–       Go pedaling around in family boats across the cold waters of Ooty lake and the Pykara Lake.

–       Discover the varied species of flora and fauna in the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary.Place to Visit in Ooty

–       Enjoy trekking around the cold mountains and explore the Kalhatty water falls.

–        A one-stop destination for photography enthusiasts.

What you will need:

–       Sweaters, Jumpers and warm clothes

–       Camping, bedding and warming equipment

–       A Digital camera

–       Dry food that lasts long

–       Tourist Visa (For International tourists only)

–        Money for self expense

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