Bamboo Baskets

Take a piece of Nagaland with u. What to shop while you are there. 

Shoppers in Nagaland are spoilt for choice because one can buy souvenirs and gifts of different types for their near and dear ones. The skilled tribal craftsman and artisans make excellent articrafts from cane, bamboo etc. The Naga tribes have a rich tradition of art and craft like basketry, weaving, woodcarving, pottery, metal work etc, making the state a shoppers paradise.
Articles made from cane and bamboo such as room dividers, tablemats, floor mats, wall hangings, ash trays, pen stand, sculptures, decorated lampshades, wall panels, furniture etc are always sought by tourists and visitors. Surely you will be spoilt for choice and with these products, you have give your residence a distinct feel and look.

While you are there , make sure to definitely buy a Naga shawl  made by Naga women, who are known all over the world for their excellent weaving skills.
To buy the various handicrafts of Nagaland, Kohima the capital, is the best place to shop, as it has a number of shops that sell Naga handicrafts like Naga shawls, wood carvings, shoulder bags, bamboo baskets etc.

The government emporiums of the state stock many Naga articrafts and they are the best place to buy genuine, good quality products and authentic artifacts at reasonable prices.

Make sure to drop in the emporiums and choose from a an array of beautiful Naga work.Also you can buy beautiful Nagaland tribal jewelry made of metals and beads which are very popular among tourists.

With so many places and with an a huge rich cultural spread, visitors and tourists will be able to will have wonderful memories to take back home from the wonderful hill state of Nagaland.

Naga Shawls

Naga shawls

Bamboo Baskets

Bamboo Baskets

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