The Art of Living

The Art of Living is defined as an individual’s steps in making life worthwhile by discovering inner peace. Finding joy in everyday is what Art of Living all about. It helps an individual in boosting confidence and personality development. One learns to deal with difficult situations in a better manner. Additionally, the Art of Living can also help individuals better their lives and develop better relationships.

art-of-living-centerIn India, tourists can visit various Art of Living centers such as: the Art of Living Foundation center in Bangalore and Art of Living Pilgrimage center in New Delhi amongst others.The Art of Living International Center is operational in over 150 countries and has been in service for over 30 years. The Art of Living center was founded by a spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The Art of Living Foundation in Bangalore offers breathing techniques, yoga and  meditation sessions and an approach to practical wisdom. These courses enable the participating individuals in self development. Among the programs offered are: happiness program that enables an individual in discovering joy. The other is Sri Sri Yoga that enables an individual to energize the mind, soul and body. The third program offered here is the Sahau Samadhi that enables an individual to effortlessly meditate and bring out a happy state of mind, especially in the day-to-day events of life. All these programs are for new members.

Sri Sri Panchakarma is also an Art of Living center. The center offers various therapies, a spa and a beautiful environment with footpaths surrounded by flowers oozing a beautiful scent. Moreover, there is a tranquil lake within the Sri Sri Panchakarma to soothe away the day-to-day tribulations.To sum it up, the Art of Living centers have trained and passionate physicians and therapists who help you every step of the way and make your stay memorable and a calming experience.

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