Tsomoriri Lake in Ladakh

The Exotic Tsomoriri Lake: A Travelers Paradise

A trip to Tsomoriri Lake will lead tourists to the largest of all of the high altitude lakes that can be found throughout the Trans Himalayan region. With an astounding altitude of 4,595 mtrs, this stunning body of water resides completely inside of India. Mountains along the Changthang plateau feed this lake through springs and melting snow. The incredible views and pristine waters that are famous in Tsomoriri Lake are only viewable for tourists during the summer months of the year. As a result, visitors must make their travel plans accordingly to ensure that they are able to enjoy this incredible lake.

Photographers and painters will absolutely be drawn to the Tsomoriri Lake region. The surrounding mountains and the deep ultramarine body of water makes this an exotic adventure unlike any other that can be found in the world. Not only is the destination beautiful, once the guests arrive at the shores of Tsomoriri Lake, the journey to this destination is breathtaking as well. Guests can savor the route to this destination and enjoy the various hills, lakes, and mountains that surround Tsomoriri Lake.

Exotic Tsomoriri Lake

Famous in Tsomoriri Lake are the mountains that rise up around it. Few other lakes in the world, if any, have the depth and beauty of the mountains that rise up along the lakes’ shores. Varied sizes and rich colors provide an incredible backdrop for viewers to take in. Guests to Tsomoriri Lake will also be treated to viewing an incredible range of bird species that have made the shores of this lake their home.

Visitors of Tsomorori Lake will be treated to the beauty of nature that wraps its way around all of their senses. Here, individuals are able to get away from the busy atmosphere of the cities and enjoy the peaceful beauty of this incredible lake. Tsomorori Lake is an absolute must see for visitors traveling in the region.

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