The festivals of Manipur : revel in the myriad of sound, colours and music

Manipur is one 7 sister states of India which is located in the remote north east part of India. The state is blessed with natural flora and fauna with a rich cultural heritage.

Every year the land observes tourism festival, known as ?Sangai Festival? for 10 days with great enthusiasm in the month of November to tourists from India and abroad.. The festive celebrations give a chance to the state to showcase their rich cultural heritage song and dances.

Some major festivals are:

Yaooshang (Dol Jatra):

This is one of the important festivals of Manipur. This festival starts from the full moon day of the months of February/March and is celebrated for five days. This is in fact one of the premier festivals of Manipur. Both the male and female folk participate in various cultural performances, especially the Thabal Chongba dance.


This festival represents the worship of conventional deities and ancestors and is one of the most cherished festivals of Manipur. This festival is a brilliant combination of religious recitations, traditional songs and dances, lighting up the state for tourists and visitors to the state.

Kang (Rath Jatra):

This is one of the largest festivals celebrated by the Hindus in the state of Manipur. This hugely popular festival is celebrated by the people of Manipur for a span of ten days on the month of June/July. It is believed by the locals that Lord Jagannath ( a Hindu mythology figure and god ) leaves his temple in a `rath` known as `kang` locally, which is pulled by pilgrims who vie with another for this honor.

Kang (Rath Jatra)


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