The International Sand Art Festival 2016, Konark

Sand art is a popular form of art today, which can be seen near most of the seashores. Ample of inventive artists emerge their artistic proficiency through various forms of sand sculptures like sand bottle, sand painting and sand brushing. The contemporary form of sand arts that we often see these days are mostly practiced dedicating some personalities or meaningful event.

Giving these artists a unique platform to represent their finest artworks, Odisha Tourism Department has organized ‘’The International Sand Art Festival’’ at Chandrabhaga beach. This five days International sand art festival (December 1 to December 5) will be held around 3kms away from Konark, Odisha. So, this December it is expected that mingle of dance and sand art festival is going to pull immense number of visitors at Konark.


The International Sand Art Festival has kicked-off its journey just a year back in 2015. After getting an overwhelming response from the spectators gathered in Konark Dance Festival and Konark Sun Temple, the organisers of this event decided to continue its second edition this year as well.

The prime objective behind this blend of winter festival is to exhibit the tourism prospect in Odisha. Konark Dance Festival on the other hand, will unveil some of the prominent names from the field of classical dance who will be sharing the same stage together. Some of the admired classical dancers like Kishore Musolkanti, Madhavi Mudgal, Meera Das, Asim Bandhu Bhattacharjee and Priti Patel will add an electrifying savour to this five-day event.


Moving ahead of just traditional sand sculpture, Odisha Tourism is also giving priority to all kind of luring artworks to be made of stone, bronze or wood. According to experts, the 2nd edition of this festival is going to be one of the biggest platforms for all the sand artists coming from Singapore, Holland, Mexico, Spain, Norway, France, Germany, UAE, US and the UK to illustrate their talent. The declared take home winning amount is Rs.50, 000 and trophies. Well, the International Sand Art Festival will not be confined only to this. The organisers will give equal opportunity to the differently-abled sand artists and women as well to expose their delicate creativity. No entry fee is there for the spectators who will be coming here to witness this creative event on the seashore.


As per report, a sum total of 40 sand artists are going to be a part of this artistic carnival in Konark. Out of these, 10 overseas and 30 Indian artists are expected to participate on this art show. Padma Shree Sudarsan Pattnaik, a famous sand artist from Odisha has been named as the brand ambassador for this great event, which will feature more than 36 stalls. One for tourist puller during this five-day sand carnival is going to be the photographic journey of Konark Festival. Therefore, get ready to witness one of the striking sand carnivals at Chandrabhaga beach.

Keeping in mind the number of footfalls during these five days of sand festival, the Department of Tourism is also prioritizing on maintaining proper rules and regulations, safety and security of the visitors and suitable parking and traffic management. Following this will certainly take this International carnival to a hassle-free level, and this will also help to attract more tourists through the tourism package of Odisha.

Getting There

Konark has different convenient ways to reach by. The destination beach Chandrabhaga is merely 3kms far from Konark by road. In addition, the rail and flight connectivity is also quite well for the visitors to reach here.

By Road:

The coastal town is well-connected to the neighbouring cities through buses and private vehicles. The distance between Konark and Biju Patnaik International Airport is around 61kms by road. And the distance between Konark and Bhubaneswar Railway Station is 60kms. Hence, you can book private car or take a bus from the airport or railway station to reach Chandrabhaga beach.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Konark is Biju Patnaik International Airport. If you are travelling from any of the major Indian cities, you will get many flights to reach Bhubaneswar. However, overseas travellers need to commute via Kolkata or Delhi to reach Bhubaneswar. From Airport, you will get cabs and buses to reach your destination.

By Rail:

The nearest railway junction is Puri, which connects Konark to the coastal city by taxi or private vehicles. The distance between Puri Railway Junction and the coastal town is around 31kms. There are several train services to reach Puri Railway Junction from various parts of India.

Places to Stay

While numbers of footfalls are going to flock at the International Sand Art Festival, finding a good staying option is an obvious concern for the visitors. Galore of resort and boutique hotels are there in Bhubaneswar and Puri for staying purpose. The place has variety of lodges starting from luxurious hotels to budget lodgings.


One of the nearest resorts within 7kms range from Konark is Lotus Eco Resort Konark. Built on village theme, Lotus Eco Resort is a perfect place to stay. Keeping in mind the usual amenities of the visitors, the resort is well-maintained and offers great hospitability to the visitors.

One more name to this list is Mayfair Waves, Puri. This is a modish boutique resort near Puri Beach. Staying here will provide you astounding natural views and comfy lodging.

Mayfair Heritage, Puri and Mayfair Lagoon, Bhubaneswar are two more names that you can try for a luxurious stay and fascinating views of the Bay of Bengal.

Nearby places

Odisha has galore of attracting sites for the visitors. After spending a relaxing day out at Chandrabhaga Beach, you can also head towards Konark Dance Festival. In addition, various historic temples and breath-taking beaches are also there that you can explore during your stay here.

Konark Sun Temple


The Sun Temple in Konark is one of the most fascinating tourist sites in Odisha. The significance of this temple is that it comes under the seven wonders of India and its a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple was built by Narsimhadeva I of the Ganga Dynasty. The key attraction of this temple is its chariot shape, which was made of wheel and pillars. The Sun Temple is very close to Chandrabhaga beach, and by road it will take merely 4-5 minutes to reach there from the beach. You will find frequent taxi or cars to reach the Sun Temple in Konark.

Archaeological Museum

An archaeological museum is located outside the temple. The setup of this museum came into existence in 1968, which is administered by Archaeological Survey of India. The prime objective behind the establishment of this archaeological museum was to exhibit the sculpture from the Sun temple ruins in four different galleries. These galleries contain an extensive collection of paintings, manuscript and sculptures. The visiting hours to this museum is between morning 9.00 to evening 5.00 (Saturday to Thursday). The museum remains closed on Friday. No entry fee is required to access this museum.



Located within 8kms range from the Sun Temple, Kuruma is a Buddhist site. If you plunge into the history, the name of Kuruma was mentioned ages back in the writings of famous Chinese traveller Hieun Tsang. This is a must visit site for the tourist who has zeal to explore the historic side of India. You can approach this site by road and many cars are easily available from Sun Temple.



Puri is a well-famed centre for Hindu devotees in India. Most importantly, the place is more popular for its golden beach. Located around 35kms away from Konark, this place witnesses a massive footfall at Jagannath Temple during Rath Yatra. By road it will take hardly 35-40 minutes to reach Puri from Konark.


Chilika Lake

If you happen to be in Puri, never miss the chance to visit Chilika Lake, which is the Asia’s largest brackish water body. By car the distance between Puri to Chilika Lake is around 104 km, and by train the distance is around 122 Km. You can travel by Puri-Tirupati Express, which is a direct train between these two places. You will also find various Volvo buses that run between these places.


In addition to these startling sites, you can also visit the following destinations after attending the International Sand Art Festival:

  • Astranga (19 Kms away from Konark)
  • Balighai (8 Kms away from Puri)
  • Pipli (45 Kms away from Konark)
  • Bhubaneswar (65 Kms away from Konark)

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