The Majestic Agra

Agra, which was once the capital of India during the 16th century under the Mughals, is also one of the most exquisite places to see the exemplification of the Mughal art and culture. But not just that, Agra has it all. Agra is a city whose quintessence is love.

Mariam Tomb

Mariam Tomb

From the famous Taj Mahal to the not so famous streets of Agra, there are places you would always want to remember from this city. The grandiose Taj Mahal which is an epitome of eternal love is the most famous monument of not just Agra but India as well. It was built for the Mughal empress Mumtaz Mahal by her husband emperor Shah Jahan in 1648 A.D. to fulfill her last wish of a tomb that the world had never seen before; it still stands today overlooking the Yamuna, telling its tale of eternal love.

Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri

Besides the Taj Mahal, there are other significant places in Agra, like the Fatehpur Sikri, Sikandara, Itmad – Ud – Daula’s Tomb, Mariam’s Tomb, The Red Taj Mahal, etc.

Other places to See in Agra Include

The Taj Ganj, Soor Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary, Mehtab Bagh, Dayal Bagh, etc.

Agra Food

Food in Agra is inspired by the Mughlai cuisine for obvious reasons. The famous food outlets that will bring forth the magical splendour of the Mughals to your plate are Hotel Jai Hind & Restaurant, Pinch of Spice, Esphahan, The Mughal Room, Dasaprakash and many more to please your taste buds. As for the street food lovers, many food outlets like Panchhi Petha Store, Yadav Dhaba, Azad Dhaba, Tiranga Dhaba, and the likes are situated on the Mughlai streets of Agra.

Shopping in Agra

Agra is an amazing place to shop. Markets like the Sadar Bazaar, Gangotri at Taj Complex, Subhash Emporium, Sanjay Place, are home to the biggest of emporiums in Agra. As for those who love the narrow lanes, markets like Kinari Bazaar, Loha Mandi, Raja Mandi, Fuhaara, etc. are where you can get your hands on the biggest bargains.

agra festival

Agra festival

Also, Agra is home to the vibrant fairs and festivals such as the Taj Mahotsava wherein there is extensive display of arts, craft and culture along with classical dance and music performances and “mushairas” and “ghazal” programs. Agra is a wonderful place to be at.

Taj Mahotsava Agra

Taj Mahotsava Agra

The magnificent monuments which give you a feel of the alluring Mughal legacy will enthrall you, whereas the serene and calm Yamuna which makes you feel closer to your spiritual self will mesmerize you. The tantalizing Mughlai food will give you the inner joy of fulfillment, whereas the shopping will invigorate you. The art and culture of Agra will hold you spellbound. You will remember “THE MAJESTIC AGRA” for lives to come.

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