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Things to do in Dawki, an unexplored paradise in Meghalaya

Nestled in the Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya, the pristine nature of Dawki is admired by all nature lovers. Being located in the midst of India-Bangladesh periphery, Dawki serves as the major mercantile link between these two neighbouring destinations. The small border town of Meghalaya is frequented by plenty of tourists from different parts of the country making the destination an absolute paradise for undergoing various tourist activities.    

A voyage to Meghalaya remains incomplete without stepping into the invigorating landscape of Dawki. And after practicing the following sumptuousness activities, you will find a persuasive reason why Dawki pulls a visitor here:

#Boating at Umngot River

This is one of the least explored magnetisms of Meghalaya Tourism. Delimited by breathtaking knolls and picturesque vista, a visit to Umngot River leaves a sightseer entirely spellbound amidst the natural abundance. The key attraction of the river is its azure and crystal clear water. Besides, there is a Dawki suspension bridge, which was built decades back in 1932 by the British. This beautiful bridge connects two nearby mounds around the Dawki Lake making one’s trip worth visiting.


Tourist flocking here for water activities may involve into a soothing boat ride in the river water. The lucidity of the river water is so clear that one can easily see the ground level of the river, and the boat seems to be simply floating above a crystal clear layer of cobalt and cold water.


camping in Dawki

Tourist can take absolute pleasure from an overnight stay near the river. Various tent services are also available in Dawki region allowing the visitors to stay in a tent after dusk. One kilometre stroll from the river will take you to the India-Bangladesh border. A blend of soothing breeze and picturesque vista of neighbouring country Bangladesh is something amazing to behold when in Dawki.


Picnic spot and fun in Dawki

The natural exquisiteness of Dawki can be best be felt when someone visit there for picnicking. During winter, plenty of nearby inhabitants flock here for family hangout. Presence of steep rocks and hidden waterfalls make this destination an absolute paradise for picnicking. And don’t forget to pocket some of the juicy oranges from the trees that come in your reach around the location.

Best time to visit:

The natural splendour of Dawki can be revealed the most at daytime in December. The climatic condition is very much favourable for travellers that time. In addition, December is also the month of fiestas around Dawki when some of the intoxicating events like Williamnagar, Baghmara, Tura Winter Festival and Tysim Festival are celebrated here with great gusto. To be a part of these events, visitors need to get an entry pass/ticket from the counter.

Bridge near Dawki

Getting there

One of the least explored destinations in the North-East state of Meghalaya, reaching Dawki is not a matter of any serious concern for travellers. One can get there comfortably through the following modes of commutation:

By Air: The nearest airport is located in Guwahati, which has good flight connectivity with various major destinations in India. From Guwahati, the distance to reach Dawki is nearly 198Kms, which can be completed hiring a taxi and cab.

By Train: Dawki doesn’t have an individual railhead to reach by. The nearest railway station to Dawki is Guwahati. From there, one can take a bus till Shillong or till Dawki. Additionally, private cabs and taxis are also available to travel till Dawki.

By Road: One of the best accessible connectivity to reach Dawki is by road. Places like Guwahati and Shillong are well-connected to Dawki by road. The natural splendour leaves a traveller entirely amazed on the go. From Bada Bazar (Shillong) and Guwahati railhead, one can easily get into a public or a private transport to reach Dawki quite conveniently.

Tourists in the quest of comfy accommodations in Dawki, it is recommended to avail the same in Shillong. The capital city of Meghalaya is laid out with plenty of luxury and budget accommodations to offer.

Hence, when planning a trip to the beautiful hills of Meghalaya, make sure the gorgeousness environs of Dawki is also covered in your voyage. Don’t forget to make the captivating captures of the Umngot River a part of your Instagram post.


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