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Things to do in Malshej Ghat, a popular hill station near Mumbai

Nestled within 127Kms reach from the capital city of Maharashtra, Malshej Ghat is a spectacular hill station, which is quite popular for its picturesque vista, adventurous sites and historic fortifications. Besides, the lofty trekking trails and tranquil environs of Malshej Ghat pull plenty of weekenders and adventure junkies from various parts of the country. If your next weekend destination is not yet decided, visiting Malshej Ghat could be quite enchanting.

So before finalising a plan, why don’t you unveil five amazing things to perform in Malshej Ghat:

1. Climbing the pinnacle

Rock Climbing in Malshej Ghat

Visiting a hill station and climbing its stony mountain are two amazing blend of exhilaration. But one of the offbeat experiences is gained when one scales the steep rock of Ajoba Hill Fort. This site is an absolute delight for adventure junkies who visit here from various locations to take pleasure from the thrilling rock climbing at the Ajoba Hill Fort. There are various rousing trails across the mountain that takes one through its lush landscape. The picturesque vicinity from the fort is breathtaking to behold. Besides, the overall weather here is quite delightful for an adventure enthusiast.

2. Daring trekking trails

Trekking in Malshej Ghat

Trekking always makes one’s excursion in the hills spicier. For a delightful trekking experience, Malshej Ghat offers several trekking trails to all trekkers. When in Malshej Ghat, make sure you don’t miss some of the popular trekking trails here like Darkoba Peak, Ajoba Hill Fort and Nane Ghat. One of the significant facts about this location is it can rain anytime. Hence, it is recommended to all adventure buffs to carry a raincoat and be an observant trekker while crossing the greasy trails.

3. Exhilarating waterfalls

Waterfalls in Malshej Ghat

Imagine a location amidst the hill followed by electrifying waterfalls. Besides being a popular adventure hub near Mumbai, the splendour of Malshej Ghat is best revealed when one get to witness the cascading waterfalls here. There are various small and big waterfalls positioned around the hill that can plunge one to a different level of imagination. Visitors also flock here for picnicking on a day trip.

4. Birding experience

bird watching in Pimpalgaon Joga Dam

Walking off the track from adventure, Malshej Ghat is equally enchanting for bird watchers. Nestled over the Pushpawati River, the 5Kms long Pimpalgaon Joga Dam is one of the most enticing tourist sites that one must visit in Malshej Ghat. Surrounded by eye-catching natural abundance, this Dam is known for housing several migratory and resident birds. Some of the commonly noticeable birds here include pink flamingos, Purple Moorhen and Pied Crusted Cuckoo. In addition, many other birds like Quail, Alpine Swift and Whistling Thrush are also quite popular here. Tourists also flock at the Pimpalgaon Joga Dam for photography purpose.

5. Exploring the Harishchandragad Fort

Harishchandragad Fort

One more addition to the enchanting sites in Malshej Ghat is Harishchandragad Fort, which is perched at an elevation of nearly 1500 metres above sea level. This fort is popular for hosting a 6th century monument wherein, one holy shrine is carved devoted to Lord Vishnu. Plenty of Hindu devotees visit here to pay their reverences to Lord Vishnu. One more attention grabber here is the Buddhist Caves, which is located adjacent to the Harishchandragad Fort. Apart from religious shrine, the site is also popular for trekking trails. In the words of seasoned trekkers, trekking in Malshej Ghat is partial unless you trek the trails till Harishchandragad Fort.

Getting there


Referred as one of the famous hill stations and popular weekend destinations near Mumbai, Malshej Ghat can be reached with ease from various parts of the country. Let’s take a look:

By Air: The nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, which is well-connected to various domestic and international destinations. The distance between airport and Malshej Ghat is nearly 127Kms, which can be travelled in less than 4 hours time by taxi or cab from the airport premises.

By Train: For railway commuters, the nearest railhead is located in Kalyan, which is situated nearly 86Kms from the destination. Kalyan Railway station is well-connected to various locations, and frequent local trains are also there to reach kalyan from various locations in Mumbai. From Kalyan railway station one can board at the state transport bus or hire a cab to reach Malshej Ghat.

Malshej Ghat roadway

By Road: Thanks to the road connectivity of Maharashtra that has linked the capital city with many neighbouring destinations by road. The travel distance to reach Malshej Ghat from Mumbai and Pune are 127Kms and 118Kms respectively. Various private and public transports are there to reach Malshej Ghat conveniently. Places like Thane, Kalyan and Karjat are well-connected to the destination by road.

Places to stay


Considering the growing weekenders, number of resorts and hotels are set up in and around Malshej Ghat. Based upon the types of accommodation and amenities you avail, the charges will vary. A trip to Malshej Ghat for couple of days may lead a visitor to the following options:

hotel in Malshej

#Rainbow Hill Resort

Malshej, India 412402

#Saj By The Lake

Karanjale, Malshej Ghat, Taluka Junner,

Dist Pune Malshej Ghat, India 412409

Happy weekend!!


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