Three lesser known destinations within 360Kms from Delhi

Three lesser known destinations within 360Kms from Delhi

We love to discuss about the most popular and happening destinations near Delhi. But there are lot other locations that are evenly enticing despite being least explored by visitors! Here we get the opportunity to take you for a virtual ride to three lesser known destinations that are located within 360Kms from Delhi:

  1. Location: Samode

Distance: Approximately 249.6kms


Located in a place close to Jaipur principality in Rajasthan, Samode has some enchanting attractions to offer. Places like Samode Palace, Samode Bagh and Samode Haveli are the leading tourist pullers here. In addition, the site is evenly worth visiting to grab some heritage monuments and their architectural brilliance. To make your vacation more impactful and hassle-free, we bring some of the key attractions to behold that are located in the region. Some of these overwhelming attractions include Samode Fort, Govind Devi Temple, Mahadeva Temple, Main Bazar, Samode Haveli, Samode Palace, Sultan Mahal, Samode Garden and Hanuman Temple. Visitors from Delhi may plan a short trip to Samode during the weekends. It takes nearly 5 hours for them to reach Samode from Delhi.

  1. Location: Shoghi

Distance: Approximately 333.6 kms

Beauty of Shoghi

Shimla being flooded by tourist footfalls across the calendar, Shoghi in contrast, a small adjoined hill station and evenly enchanting in terms of its scenic splendour. Nestled amidst the breathtaking lap of mother earth, Shoghi is nearly 14Kms aloof from Shimla. This least explored place of North India is blessed with natural abundance and hoses a diverse range of flora and fauna. Overwhelming ambience throughout the year makes this destination an absolute paradise for tourists. Ranging from lush bush to audacious activities, the place has all minimal recipes to please one’s presence. Besides its arresting natural grandeur, Kandaghat town, Tara Devi Temple and Hanuman Temple are few other leading attractions around the site. For adventure junkies, Shoghi can be referred as absolute stunner! Steep trekking trails and mounting hiking are two mostly practiced activities performed by the adventure enthusiasts. In addition, camping amidst the foliage could be something more invigorating to a nature buff.

  1. Location: Peora

Distance: Approximately 354.8kms

Peora village in uttarakhand

Perched at an elevation of nearly 1,997m and nestled in the limb of the Himalayas, Peora is one such least explored village located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Anyone from Delhi in quest of exploring an idyllic eco-tourism enclosed with natural abundance, the fairytale village of Peora is the place one should rove around. The tiny hamlet of Peora is one of these enchanting locations. From Peora, one can catch a soothing 360 degree vista of the outer Himalayan Shivalik ranges of Kumaon. Besides, the destination is evenly popular for adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers and wildlife photographers. Being located in the shade of nature, one can find here various herbal products to pick. If you walk around the local market, you can see some small vendors selling products like herbal spices, face pack, local fruits and fresh vegetables. There stands a local NGO called Arohi, which can only be visited at leisure time. In addition, going for a mystical stroll of Peora is not at all a bad idea for nature lovers. Besides capturing the scenic splendour of Kumaon, the town of Almora is one more site to behold.

Besides, there are many other locations that are least explored by tourists and neighbouring visitors. Exciting India will be highlighting those stunners in coming days. Meanwhile, if you haven’t explored these three lesser known destinations near Delhi, plan a short weekend and get there; and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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