Top 10 Romantic Destinations to Visit in India

Is your wedding just around the corner and you have not yet decided your honeymoon destination? Would you like to take some time off with your partner to visit a romantic destination? India is the perfect getaway destination for any honeymoon couple. There are many places that you and your loved one can visit and make your honeymoon memorable.

1. Kullu Manali

It is one of the most romantic places in India. The place is surrounded by green hills and mountains covered by snow. There are plenty of waterfalls in the area and the rich green grass landscape gives you a chance to hold a picnic. You can also engage in activities like trekking, hiking, river-rafting, biking amongst others. The best time to visit Kullu Manali is between October and February.

kullu-manali-tourism2. Darjeeling

Darjeeling is famous for its cold climate. It is also home to elaborate tea gardens and breathtaking mountains. For a romantic time with your partner, you can travel to tiger hills and enjoy watching the sun rise. Do not forget to go on the famous Darjeeling toy-train journey which is famous among the locals and foreigners. There are other tourist attractions in Darjeeling that you can visit such as Rock Garden, Singamari Ropeway and Peace Pagoda. The best time to visit Darjeeling is between the months of September and January.

3. Shimla

The Snow Mountains and the beautiful green hills make this place an irresistible romantic destination.Visit the Hip Hip amusement park and spend time with your loved one. There are also a number of restaurants where you can enjoy Indian cuisine. Visit Shimla during summers between April and July and during the winters between October and February for a memorable experience.

4. Lakshadweep

The place has natural sandy beaches, eye-catching gardens and beautiful blue waters. You can enjoy various water sports such as swimming and a quick sunbath after the swim. Ensure that while in Lakshadweep, you visit Kavaratti, Minicov and Avatti. The best time to visit is from October to April.

Lakshawdeep5. Andaman and Nicobar Island

Here, you will find excellent hotels, amazing cuisines and will get to engage in many water sports and activities. The hotels offer both traditional and exotic Indian cuisine giving you a lot to choose from. For fun activities, you can participate in windsurfing and water skiing. You will also get to explore sunken ships, life in jungle and different species of flora and fauna.

6. Nainital

There are many activities that you and your partner can enjoy in Nainital, such as boat riding, rock climbing, fishing and water sports. In the evening, you can sit down and relax as you enjoy a candle-light dinner. Ensure that you let your wild side out by visiting Jim Corbett National Park. The best time to visit is in summers (March to June) and during winters (October to February).

7. Mahabaleshwar

The place boasts of beautiful mountains, lakes, waterfalls. There are many temples in the area that you can visit. If you are looking to sample Indian cuisine, there are a number of delicious food joints where you can dine. Visit the place during summers (March to June) and winters (November to March) for an incredible experience.

8. Ooty

It is located on the hills of Nilgiri and is widely referred to as the paradise of honeymooners. Here, you can enjoy the Ooty toy train ride, visit the botanical gardens and the vast Glen Morgan tea estate. For the best experience, visit Ooty between October and June.

9. Goa

Goa is home to many natural sandy beaches in India. Some of the most famous are Betalbatim beach and Agonda beach. Dance the night away with your partner as you enjoy the night beach parties. There are a number of restaurants in Goa where you and your partner can savor Indian cuisine. You can also engage in various water sports such as wind-surfing and swimming. The best time to visit is between March to May and October to February.

kerala-tourism10. Kerala

Navigate the beautiful backwaters of Kerala with your partner on your honeymoon. Kerala is home to breathtaking hills such as Wayanad and Munnar. Also, there are many tourists’ spots in Kottayam, Allepey and Kochi. Share a romantic picnic with your partner at Kovalam beach. For the best experience, visit Kerala during the months of January-March and October-December.

There are many tourist destinations in India that you and your partner can visit to create those special memories. You will get to engage in various outdoor activities such as trekking and hiking. You also get to participate in many water sports such as swimming and windsurfing. When it comes to the perfect getaway destinations, India is your best choice.

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