Best Street Food in India

Top 5 Street Food you Should not Miss in India

India has some of the best street food cuisine in the world. From spicy to tangy to sweet, there is something for everyone. No trip in India is complete without tasting the delicious street food. Street food stalls can be seen almost in every nook and corner of a major city. You will see people relishing the array of items being offered. Most cities have their own version of authentic street food items.

Though there is a variety of street food available pertaining to certain states, we advise you to try out some of these:

1. Gol Guppa:

The gol guppa (or gol gappa) has many names; some call it “panipuri” while some call it the “phuchka” (Eastern states). It is also called gup-chup and pakodi in some parts of India.gol-gappe

The golguppa is a Marathi snack that basically originated in the state of Maharashtra. Mainly eaten as a snack, it consists of small water hollow “puri” filled with a mixture of spiced masala water.

The water is made of chickpeas, chilies, tamarind chutney, potatoes, onions and a mix of Indian masalas.

It is served with the people standing around and is served almost 5 pieces per plate.You have to quickly put it in your mouth while you wait for your turn (depends on the number of people being served at a time).

You would be surprised at the number of people who wait for their turn for eating gol gappas at famous places.

2. Chaat: 

One of the most popular roadside snack, chaat comes in various types: aloo chaat, papri chaat, sevpuri.

3. Pav Bhaji:

Pav Bhaji is a popular snack in Mumbai, but you can get this in most places in India. It is made from bread and is called the “pau or pav”, served with a mix of mashed up vegetables – bhaji. It started as a quick fix for laborers in 1850’s but it became so popular that people from all walks of life eat it and relish it.

chole-bhature4. Chole Bhature:

Even though it cannot be classified as street food, the most tasty one is always served on the street shops and stalls. A Punjabi dish, it consists of chole or chickpeas and the bhatura is made of fried bread. There are slight variations where some bhaturas are stuffed with cheese or potato. You’ll find many street side stalls selling the Chole Bhature.

5. Kachori:

The simple Rajasthani snack called the kachori is one of India’s favorite roadside snacks. These are round flattened balls made of fine flour stuffed with vegetables and spices. Locally, it is also known as dal baati churma, pakoras or mawa. People from Delhi like to call them Khasta Kachori or Raj Kachori. A great breakfast dish and a must have when in India.

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