Top Places to Visit in India in November

India is a great travel destination, and just like other months, there are a few places that are a must visit in November. The weather is pleasant throughout November in most parts of the country. Not only November is a month that marks celebrations of festivals, there are a few places that are at their prettiest in the month of  November. Given below is a list of must visit travel destinations in the month of November.


Karnala is located about an hour from Mumbai city along the Konkan coastline. It is a perfect travel location for a winter holiday, especially if you love trekking and bird watching. Karnala has a park that is protected and is home to in excess of 150 species of birds that are resident and 37 species of birds that are migratory. If you are looking for Indian places to visit in November, then Karnala has to be one of them.



The royal state of Rajasthan boasts of a cooler weather in November and therefore, more tourists prefer to visit the desert state during this month as opposed to visiting during the hot summer heat. Rajasthan has a host of magnificent forts and palaces as well and is famed for hospitality. Tourists are also entertained with traditional dances which is one of the major attractions here. This November when you visit Rajasthan, be sure to visit the cities of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur to know more about the country’s ancient history.

Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are cut and secluded from the mainland and offer a tranquil ambiance for a perfect holiday in the month of November. Just before the onset of winter, the water is welcoming and warm and this is said to be the best time when you can really enjoy the Island’s exotic marine life. When here, don’t miss elephant snorkeling.

Andaman Islands


Kerala is another must visit destination in India and has a moderate climate throughout the year. The state of Kerala has many holiday getaways that will allow you to spend time with nature amongst the serene beaches and backwaters. If you love nature and are looking to holiday in a place that will bring you closer to nature, then Kerala is the place to be this November. Whether you choose to take a boat or canoe ride, relax on the beaches or spend long hours perched in a tree-house, Kerala promises to be an enjoyable experience.


Summer or winter, Goa is the favorite destination amongst everyone. With festivities all around and night parties on the rise, Goa never ceases to amaze the tourists. A must visit in all seasons.

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