Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before”- Dalai Lama

Every country has so many treasures and so much to travel around. Residing in a colossal country like India, every time you can plan visiting an untouched location. In this context, you can now relate the cited quote by Dalai Lama. One such unexplored place in India is Tirthan Valley. Let’s have a trip to the pine-studded panorama of striking Tirthan Valley.

An Overview:

Nestled at an elevation of about 1600 meters flanking the Tirthan River, Tirthan Valley is a beautiful virgin land located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. If you are planning to explore any mystified land, which has variety of adventurous activities to offer, Tirthan Valley is undoubtedly one such offbeat destination for holidaying. With its pine-studded environs, lively river and picturesque natural magnetism, the quaint valley of Tirthan allures many offbeat travelers for a magical escape amidst mystified terra firma.

The state of Himachal Pradesh requires no specific introduction of its natural profusion. Probably this is why most of the travellers often flock its adjoining destinations like Manali, Tosh, Kasol and Kheerganga. And on that familiar travel rush, Tirthan Valley remains the least explored destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

Tirthan Valley

One of the significant features about Tirthan Valley is that the place has no such site meant for tourists in particular. The entire valley itself is a tourist spot and thus, whichever location you step into, it becomes a tourist puller. If you are a nature lover with audacious instinct within, your presence to this mystified land will cement a long lasting companionship between you and the natural beauty of this virgin land.

Apart from the picturesque splendour of Tirthan valley, you will also get mesmerised with the traditional lifestyle and customs of the local inhabitants. The villagers here still sustain their traditional way of living. They are quite religious and generous by nature. This is because of their spiritual beliefs, you will come across number of holy shrines at Tirthan valley.

Best Time to Visit

The overall atmosphere at Tirthan Valley is soothing throughout the calendar. Even during 30 plus hot summers in various parts of India, Tirthan Valley promises you a pleasant climate with a temperature of less than 220C. The summer hits the region of Tirthan in late March and it lasts here till June. Though, summer is warm here but not that hot and humid. During spring, the ambience here is on full bloom. With a blend of lush bush and unsullied flavour of luscious apples, Tirthan Valley turns to a paradise for travellers in this season.

During July-August, the place experiences heavy rainfall due to monsoon. If you love angling, visit Tirthan Valley between October and November.

Moving ahead with the seasonal variation, winter encircles this place in the month of December and it lasts till February. People with great zeal for snowfall, must visit Tirthan Valley during January-February. During winter, the mountainous valley turns quite frosty.

Places to Explore:

When it comes to name a virgin valley, with no second thoughts, Tirthan Valley certainly reckoned as the preferred name. The valley has no dearth of sightseeing and outdoor activities like angling, trekking, hiking, photography, camping, bonfire, bird watching, horseback riding, white water rafting and Kayaking. Positioned far away from city’s hustle-bustle, Tirthan Valley is an ideal place for a tranquil holiday amidst spectacular nature. Here’s the key attraction in Tirthan Valley:

#Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP)

Great Himalayan National Park

Situated with an expanse of about 1170Sq Kms areas, the Great Himalayan National Park is unquestionably one of the key tourist pullers in entire Tirthan Valley. Being unveiled its public appearance in 1984, GHNP houses an array of numerous flora and faunas. Some of the key wildlife species that can be observed here are Leopard, Snow cock, Musk deer etc. Besides, the park also gives you an amazing opportunity for birding and trekking. If camping in the vicinity of National Park is in your wish list, the Forests Department is there to arrange camping guide and equipment for you.

#Jalori Pass

Jalori Pass

Situated around 80Kms away from Kullu and at an elevation of about 3120 meters above the sea level, Jalori Pass is an excellent delight for trekkers. The place offers you a captivating 360° panorama of the Great Himalayas and the Kullu Valley. During winter, the trekking routes are encircled with snow. The best time to visit here is from the month of December to March. A part from trekking, Jalori Pass can also be visited for nearby attractions like Budhi Nagin and Serolsar Lake (within 5Kms reach). Serolsar Lake is known for its crystal clear water. You can also observe the environs covered with thick Oak trees while taking a walk from Jalori Pass to Serolsar Lake.


Tirthan Valley waterfalls

In Tirthan Valley, you will also come across few lively waterfalls in a walking trail. The presence of waterfalls allows you to indulge in some daring water activities like river crossing and rafting. In addition, you can also enjoy bathing in the cold free-flowing water of these cascades. A riverside resort is also there where you can spend your leisure time. The resort caters you a relaxing night stay with quality food. The open lawn area of resort can best be utilised playing some outdoor games like volleyball and badminton. After a night stay, if you want to explore some of the adjoining sites next morning, you can start hopping the nearby hamlets like Gushaini, Banjar and Shoja.

#Chehni Kothi

After exploring some beautiful hamlets, travelling around a 1500 year old castle is simply overwhelming. The majestic Chehni Kothi is a soaring ancient castle, which was structured with stone chunks and wooden beams. It is said that earlier this castle was the abode of a king from Kullu known as Rana Dhadhia. This is why the castle is also popular as Dhadhia Kothi.

Chehni Kothi

Chehni Kothi is famed for being the only free-standing soaring structure in the entire Western Himalayan range. Ages back the loftiness of this castle used to be 15 storeys. However, due to the havoc trembling that took place in 1905, the high of this castle has curbed down to 10 floors.

Things to Do:

Apart from exploring the lakes, waterfalls and Nation Park, travellers can also perform some thrilling outdoor activities here. The following are some of the activities that one must do in Tirthan Valley:


Fishing in Tirthan River

The virgin land of Tirthan has something for every comer. Imagine a wonderful spring hours of daylight near the crystal clear Tirthan River with stunning angling opportunity. Nothing could be as thriving as angling in the Tirthan River. The tranquil ambience around the river is just an ideal spot for angling. This spot is famous for Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout, and the fingerlings of these fishes are stocked every year by Himachal Government. The State Government has already proclaimed Tirthan River as a fishing reserve. The best time for angling here is from April to October. So, emerge your fishing skills, who knows you might come out with couple of big Brown and Rainbow Trout!

#Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Tirthan River

For a true adventure lover, a trip to any mountainous land can never be completed without rock climbing. Tirthan Valley has various such thrilling climbing sites for you offering an opportunity to emerge your daring persona. Keeping in mind the gradual hike of climbers, many operators came out here offering some super thrilling adventure activities. So, what are you waiting for? Carry your travel kit containing all your essentials for performing lot much adventure amidst steep rock formations at Tirthan Valley.


Trekking in Tirthan Valley

Having said, Tirthan Valley has galore of escapade activities, Trekking is one more addition to that list. One of the best trekking experiences that one can have at Tirthan Valley is through the abrupt trail of the Great Himalayan National Park. This park is dotted with lush thick bush and blooming flowers with various well laid out trek paths. The trekking routs of this park offer you different levels of snags that can be covered in a day or two. Depending upon the extent of trekking difficulties, a trekker can avail a half day, full day or multiple days camping amidst the steep pathways.

#River Crossing

River Crossing in Tirthan River

This is another thriving activity that a traveller must practice at Tirthan Valley. The valley is also known for its turbulent River Tirthan, which has its sources in the Himalayan glaciers. This river is also an imperative branch of the splendid Beas River. In River crossing, a person is tied to a set of straps and slides from one point to the other. The person then glides from one periphery of the river to the other edge using the strap. This is an awesome experience to cross the free-flowing water keeping the river underneath.

How to Go:

Exploring the untouched valley of Tirthan is not that thorny. There are various modes of transportation that will reach you to this beautiful place in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Let’s take a look.

By Air: Tirthan Valley has no airport, but this doesn’t hold you back from exploring this untouched paradise on the earth. Air traveller can fly till some of the nearest airports like Kullu (50 kms), Shimla (175kms), Dharamshala (190kms) and Chandigarh Airport (134kms). From these locations, they need to travel till Aut through private and government buses. Once they reach Aut, they can board Gushaini bound buses that will take them to Tirthan Valley.

By Train: There is no direct train to reach Tirthan Valley. However, you can travel till some of the nearby railway stations like Kalka (240kms), Chandigarh (246kms) and Jalandhar (275kms). These railway stations are well-connected to other major parts of the country. From railway station, get into Aut bound bus. Once you reach Aut, take a bus towards Gushaini, which is nearly 26Kms away from the destination. This route will take you via Larji bypassing Banjar.

Tirthan valley road trip

By Road: As compared to air and railway connectivity, reaching Tirthan Valley by road is more convenient. There are number of frequent buses that run under HPTDC from the adjoining cities like Haryana, Delhi and Punjab.  You can board any buses heading towards Kullu/Manali and get down at Aut. From Aut, you can either hire cab or board a Gushaini bound bus. From Aut, by road distance to reach Tirthan Valley is about 26Kms. If you are travelling from Delhi, total bus journey from Delhi to Aut is around 12hours.

Places to Stay:

You can’t expect a luxurious accommodation at Tirthan Valley. Hence the convenient staying options here are guesthouses and homestays. One of the most popular guesthouses at Tirthan Valley is Raju’s Guesthouse. This guesthouse is located within 2Kms reach from the adjoining place Gushaini. Apart from a comfy stay, the guesthouse caters you a variety of delicious food including regular Pahadi Daal and Chawal (rice). The charges are around INR 1500/person/day.

Cottage in Tirthan Valley

#Forest Rest House: Situated at Sai Ropa and in the middle of Gushaini and Banjar, this is one more reasonable staying option near Tirthan Valley. This rest house aims to cater you a good clean ambience with quality food and great hospitability. The charges here are relatively less. By spending merely INR 500, you can avail good facilities here.

#Hotel Trout Valley: If you want to spend your leisure time inside a room, which is made of stones and woods, Hotel Trout Valley is one such shelter where you can stay. here, the rooms are quite hygienic and food quality is also decent. The charges here are around INR1000/person.

Apart from the aforesaid staying options, you may also try staying in some of the following places in and around Tirthan Valley:

#Sun N Sky Tirthan Valley

Address: Gushaini, Kullu,

Himachal Pradesh 175123

#Devat Farm Cottages

Address: Village Chhamni P.O. ghahidhar, Tirthan valley,

Great himalayan national park, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

#Whitestone Cottages Tirthan Valley

Address: Vill.-Sairopa,Gushani road,Tehsil-, Banjar,

Himachal Pradesh 175123

#River Side Resort & Adventures

Address: Tirthan Valley, Pekhri,

Himachal Pradesh 175123

#Khem Bharti Home Stay

Address: Located next to Tirthan Valley, MDR 28, Nagini,

Himachal Pradesh 175123

There are few more budget hotels/guesthouses that you can try for staying at Tirthan Valley. Some of these include Trishla Resort and Guest house, Himalayan Trout House, Camp Himalayan, Tirthan Adventure Camp etc.

If you want to try a sip of refreshing tea amidst paradise land in the Himalayan range, step into the hamlets of Gushaini and Nagini. You will find there few stalls offering you tea and local snacks. If you stay at the homestays that are catered by the local villagers, don’t forget to spend some of your leisure time with the local inhabitants. This will help you in exploring many untold tales about their traditions and place.


It’s time now to plan your next holiday. And if you are an adventure freak, nothing could be as exciting as reaching the uncharted land of Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh. And don’t forget to capture the arresting moments at this virgin land so that in coming days you have a wonderful story to share. Hopefully, Tirthan Valley is going to be one such visit with which you can truly relate the quote of Dalai Lama mentioned at the begging of this post. So, visit and explore the feat of Tirthan Valley with great enthusiasm.

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