Tourists Visit Bangalore To Enjoy Its Culture

Bangalore is also known as ‘Bengaluru’. It is the fifth largest city in India. Bangalore is situated in Southern India. It is the capital state of Karnataka, and is also known as ‘Silicon Valley of India’. Bangalore is famous for its pleasant climate and also has many well-recognized educational and research institutes.

Culture of Bangalore:

Bangalore, sometimes also known as the ‘Pub Capital of India’, as many international rock concerts are held here. Bangalore is famous for its traditions. Karaga Shaktyotsava is one of the oldest festival celebrated in Bangalore. This festival is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Draupadi. Another festivals celebrated here are – Someshwara Car festival, Karnataka Rajyotsava, Ugadi, Ram Navami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid ul-Fitr, St. Mary’s Feast, Diwali, Dusshera and Christmas. Bangalore has a variety of restaurants that serve different types of veg and non-veg food. Street food is very famous in Bangalore. The famous restaurant ‘Udupi’ serves delicious vegetarian and regional food.


Adventure Trip Spots :

1. Chitradurga – This place is a beautiful destination and it has many sites that one can visit. One who is interested in knowing history must come and see the beautiful architecture, caves, etc. of ancient times.

2. Coorg – Here, you can have a memorable experience. This place has many trekking spots and the best time to trek is from October till February. Here you are also provided with white river rafting. The most popular river in Coorg is Barapole.Barapole-River-Rafting-Coorg

3. Makalidurga – It is a beautiful village and is well connected by train and road. This place has many temples, ancient forts and lakes. It is one of the most beautiful spot in Bangalore. A must visit for tourists.

4. Kunti Betta – This place is known to have a rich heritage and history attached to it. It is a hillock near Pandavapura. This is where Bakasura was slayed by Bheema. You can see the rocks in the shape of utensils, which were used for cooking in ancient times.


Agumbe Sunrise

5. Agumbe – This is one of the most scenic places in Bangalore. Here, you can see spectacular sunset, and a lush green view. Agumbe boasts of a lot of other tourist attarction spots.

Shopping in Bangalore :

Bangalore has many markets that sell traditional and modern clothes. One can also visit the malls that sell national and international brands. While shopping in Bangalore, one can indulge in the delicacies served by the street vendors. Also available will be eating outlets in all the markets in Bangalore.

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