Travel to Koraput in Orissa

Travel to the town of Koraput, which is a few kilometers from Jeypore in Orissa. Koraput has the beautiful Jagannath temple where non – Hindus can also enter.

The district is known for its enchanting hills, lush green forests and exotic wildlife. One can also visit the tribals living there. Due to very few tourists visiting this small town, Koraput is a destination for people who prefer to spend their holidays in solitude.

Best time to visit: October to March

Clothing: Light cotton in summer and heavy woolen in winter

Languages spoken :
Oriya, Telugu, Hindi, English and Tribal Dialects

Sights to See:

1. Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple in Koraput is different from the one in Puri, as non Hindus are allowed here. Also known as the ‘Sabar Shrikshetra’, large number of devotees visit this place everyday.

It is a newly built temple with a large number for galleries of photographs.

2. Tribal Museum

Located close to the Jagannath Temple and Council of Tribal Studies, this place is a must visit for all tourists.

This is a unique museum which is known for its huge and wide collection of mines, costumes, hand woven clothes and musical instruments, showcasing the culture of all the tribes of Koraput. It is open throughout the year.

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