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Valley of Flowers – Beautiful Place to Go in India

Valley of Flowers in India Valley of Flowers 

Valley of Flowers is an interesting and stunning landscape found in a National Park by the same name in Uttarakhand, India. The valley, which is a major attraction, has more than 300 thousand varieties of alpine flowers. The valley is locate at high altitudes and has great scenery, especially with the snow-capped background. Here is a little information on things to do in this area.

Getting There

The nearest railway station is about 276 kilometers away and the nearest airport is about 295 kilometers away. This means that the best traveling means is through road. You will only get as close on road as 13 kilometers, the rest of the way to the valley is through trekking. There is a well defined mountain trail to a base camp where you can get a food outlet to replenish your energy. The camp is located about 10 kilometers up and you can relax, then take the rest 3 kilometers to the flowers.

Best Visiting Time

The Valley of Flowers remains open from June to end of September. You can visit on any weekday during this period. This is because the valley is covered with snow for a better part of the year. Visiting before July means you will only see the melting glacier and no flowers in the fields. After the first monsoon rain, the flowers bloom all through to mid august when they start dying out slowly.


Opening Hours

Access to the valley is limited to daylight only, that is 6 am to 6 pm and there is no camping allowed. The last entry time is 3 pm. You therefore, have to plan your visit and get there early. The entry fee is about 600 rupees which translates to about $12 for foreigners and 150 rupees for citizens. There is a checkpoint at the base camp and you can purchase cheap raincoats for 50 cents just in case it decides to pour. You will get the permit at the base camp at Ghangaria which is the official marking of the beginning of the valley.

Places To Visit In Valley Of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers is wide and has quite a lot of features to enjoy. From the main attraction which is the flowers to the beautiful landscape and the snow capped background. You can climb the high lands in the area and get a good view of the region below. Ensure that you carry your camera and don’t forget to do some shopping for refreshments and snacks for the trek.

Valley of Flowers in Uttaranchal

Valley of Flowers


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