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Visit the Popular Weekend Getaways within 210 Kms from Bangalore

Tired of spending your life running in circle? Take a pause from your routine lifestyle and give your life a short booster. On that note, this post is going to drive you through some of the popular weekend destinations in 210 Kms from Bangalore.

While living in a city like Bangalore, multi-storeyed buildings and life full of activities always remind us for a revitalizing break. In order to balance our professional and personal lives, we become more exhausted delivering the best out of us. Though, in the long run such hectic work schedules help us in building a better career with social individuality, but the paradox is that we gradually start standing apart from the beauty of our mother-earth and its serene environs. And then comes the time when we feel like to escape in the arm of a tranquil knoll or in place filled with lush bush, imperial castles and sites of spirituality.

Bidding adieu to all your fatigue, here’s the popular short weekend getaways that can be reached comfortably from Bangalore.

#Nandi Hills

Distance: Around 61 Kms

Nandi Hills Banner for Exciting india

An Overview: Nestled in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka and about 60Kms from Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), Nandi Hills is an absolute delight for trekkers and an idyllic one day threshold for tourists. Blessed with natural abundance and picturesque vista, the misty mound promises you a blissful leisure into nature’s abode. Nandi Hills boast a diverse range of endangered fauna, and it is also known for rendering a panoramic sunrise amidst indigenous species of flora. Amongst an array of various vibrant floras, Coffea Arabica is one of the prominent species that can be spotted in Nandi Hills. If you rove around the knoll in sunrise, you can experience the lush bush and its marvellous environs that act as a substratum for the clouds condensation. For a true nature lover, this is absolutely an offbeat moment that can be remembered for long. Nandi Hills is thus one of the popular weekend destinations near Bangalore.

Places to see: Tipu’s Drop, Tipu’s Summer Residence, Nandi Temple, Muddenahalli, Brahmashram, Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple and Nehru Nilaya.

Things to Do: Paragliding, Cycling and Biking

Best time to visit: Because of its elevated existence and moderate weather, Nandi Hills is a place that can be visited throughout the year. However, for rain lovers June-August is the ideal time, as this is the time when the bloom of exotic faunas can be revealed the best. Adventure lovers on the other hand, must visit here during winter, as the cold climate will ease all their weariness. And visitors who want to get some relief from the sweltering summer; March to May is the perfect time to travel here. Thus, this is a place that can be visited all round the calendar.

To know more about Nandi Hills, click here.


Distance: Around 60 Kms

Shivagange Exciting India_ Banner

An Overview: If you are looking for a short weekend destination near Bangalore, which is filled with a blend of mound, natural grandeur, excitements and spiritual worth; Shivagange is the place for you. Located nearly 60Kms from Bangalore and in a small town called Dobbaspet, touring Shivagange is an absolute delight for visitors. The significance of this 804.8 meters elevated Shivagange mountain peak is its shape, which looks like a Shivalinga and there is a water spring that flows from the peak to the surface of earth. This divinely scenario appears as if the Ganges is flowing from the Shivalinga. Based upon this pious combination, the rocky terrain has been named as Shivagange. Today, Shivagange is turned to a popular Hindu pilgrimage near Bangalore surrounded by many holy shrines. This is the reason why Shivagange is also known as Kashi of South or Dakshina Kashi.

Places to see: Statue of Lord Ganesha, statue of Nandi, Shantala’s Suicide Point, Olkala Teertha,Shiva Parvati Statue, Patala Gange etc.

Things to Do: Trekking and rock climbing

Best time to visit: Shivagange is a place that you can visit throughout the year. However, if you want to be there for trekking in particular, the best time is from October to March, when the weather is soothing and favourable. Being situated in a mound terrain, summers are not that hot in contrast, still you can feel the warmth. However, monsoon is not a good time for trekking and rock climbing, as the rocky terrain gets quite slippery due to rain. Moving ahead, winters are quite pleasing at Shivagange and you can feel a restful atmosphere altogether atop the hill. Winter can best be felt here from December to February.

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Distance: Around 58 Kms

Banner_Chikkaballapur _Exciting India

An Overview: You just have to travel less than 60kms from Bangalore and you will be at your weekend destination. Situated around 58 Kms from the silicon city and around 915m above sea level, Chikkaballapur is a small district in the Karnataka state of India. With less than one and half hour driving distance from Bangalore, Chikkaballapur is a popular weekend getaway for sightseeing, picnicking, paragliding, trekking and rock climbing. Besides, number of holy shrines and animated waterfalls can also be spotted here.

Dates back to decades, the actual name of this place used to be Chinna Ballaporum, which is a Telugu word wherein, the word ‘Chinna’ indicates small, ‘balla’ means the measure to enumerate food grains and the word ‘porum’ signifies town. Thus, in short Chinna Ballaporum indicates a small town where the local inhabitants used to use small measures to enumerate the food grains. Earlier, Chinna Ballaporum used to be eminent as an agricultural centre. Over the phase of time, the small town has been famed as Chikkaballapur under the administration of Wadiyar dynasty of Mysore and merged with the state Karnataka. Today, the town is a big name in the fields of silk and incense industry and also quite popular for silver and gold trade.

Places to see: Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Vivekanand Falls, Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Muddenahalli, Chintamani and Kaivara.

Things to Do: Trekking, Paragliding and rock climbing

Best time to visit: With around 220C temperature, the climate here is moderate. Hence, you can visit this destination in all season. Gentle breeze after the dusk turns the overall ambience of its nearby vicinity quite pleasing for visitors.

To know more about Chikkaballapur, click here


Distance: Around 147 Km

Mysore banner_Exciting India

An Overview: Situated at the base of Chamundi hills and nearly 147 Km from Bangalore, the City of Palaces, Mysore is eminent as the cultural capital of Karnataka.  It is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka and a perfect weekend destination near Bangalore. If you plunge into the historic tale of Mysore, the city was earlier occupied by a hamlet called Puragere. Over the periods of time, the city has now turned to a cosmopolitan city allowing visitors from different walks of live to explore the rich culture of Mysore.

Apart from its architectural brilliance and affluent culture, Mysore has been transformed to an industrial hub of bronze work, sandalwood carving and weaving. The evolution of the city continued when Mysore has become a thriving abode to the production of salt and lime. At the same time, the city also hosts many industries like textile, automobile, IT; and tourism being the major industry in the city.

Places to see: Mysore Palace, Brindavan Gardens, Mysore Zoo, Jaganmohan Palace, Chamundeshwari Temple, Railway Museum, Nagarhole National Park, Chamundi Hills, Lalitha Mahal, and Somanathapuram Temple.

Things to Do: Shopping and palace seeing

Best time to visit: Being one of the top weekend getaways within 150 KM from Bangalore, Mysore can best be visited from Sept to March. This is the time when weather of Mysore is absolute pleasant for visitors.

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#Horsley Hills

Distance: Around 150 Kms

Horsley Hills_Exciting india

An Overview: Horsley Hills, a quaint knoll nestled at Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district is an absolute ecstasy for a quick weekend getaway near Bangalore. Positioned at an elevation of nearly 1285 m above sea level, the picturesque vista of Horsley’s serene environs mesmerise the attention of several visitors from various parts of the country. Way back in 1840, an English officer of British supremacy namely W. D. Horsley got enthralled with the natural charisma of a misty lush mountainous terrain, where he decided to set his residence. With times, this beautiful hill station was named after that English officer as Horsley Hills. Today, W. D. Horsley’s residence is used as the summer residence of Governor of Andhra Pradesh. Apart from its unspoilt splendour and tranquil summer resort, one more tourist puller in Horsley Hills is Mallamma Temple. This is a mysterious shrine positioned atop Horsley Hills.

Places to see: View Point, Horsley Hills, Mallamma Temple, Horsley Hills Zoo, Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Waterfalls near Kanipakam, Gali Bandalu and Gangotri Lake.

Things to Do: Trekking, zorbing, rock climbing and rappelling

Best time to visit: The beautiful Hills of Horsley experiences a soothing climate throughout the year. Hence, you can plan your weekend trip here anytime during the calendar. From the months of March to May, the terrain of Horsley is encircled with summers when the temperature ranges here between 20°C to 30°C with gentle breeze. After summer, monsoon hits the region in the month of June and it lasts here till September. During monsoon, the knoll of Horsley sees a moderate rainfall. Winter blankets the Hills of Horsley from December to February when you can feel a soothing ambience with temperature ranging from 9°C to 20°C. Thus, it can be said that Hills of Horsley is a paradise for visitors in all season. So, you can plan your vacation here anytime round the year.

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#Yelagiri Hills

Distance: Around 160 Kms

Yelagiri Hills Banner

An Overview: Nestled around 160 Km from Bangalore and in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri Hills brings you a destination where you can conceal all your worries and wearies at one go. Positioned amidst the foothills of the Eastern Ghats, the beautiful and serene Yelagiri hill station is idyllic for a unwind weekend near Bangalore. Apart from its natural splendour, the hill station is an absolute paradise for trekkers and hikers. People do flock here from the bustling city of Bangalore for picnic purpose as well.

If you plunge back to the history of Yelagiri, the terrain of this beautiful hill was under the possession of Elagiri Zamindar Family. Moving ahead in 1950s, the place was taken over by Indian Government with an objective to transform this untouched mountain into a tourist destination. Over the phase of time, the picturesque vicinity of Yelagiri has gained the attention of various tourists from its adjoining locations like Bangalore and Chennai. Today, Yelagiri Hills has become one of the preferred weekend destinations near Bangalore, which is not only visited by adventure freaks, but also by various nature lovers.

Places to see: Nature Park, Punganoor Lake and Park, Jalagamparai Falls, Murugan Temple, Swamimalai Hil and Velavan Temple

Things to Do: Trekking, paragliding, mountain climbing and hiking

Best time to visit: Being situated at an elevation of more than 1000 metres above mean sea level, you can experience a moderate climate here throughout the calendar. Summers (March-June) are not that hot and humid in Yelagiri. You can feel up to 35°C temperature during summer with gentle breeze. After summer, monsoon hits the hill station in the month of July and it lasts there till September. Monsoon makes the ambience atop hill more charming and tranquil. Yelagiri witnesses the winter in the month of November, which continues till February. During winter you can feel here a pleasant temperate that ranges from 13°C and 25°C. The depicted seasonal climate makes it clear that Yelagiri Hill is an all season place for visitors.

To know more about Yelagiri Hills, click here

#BR Hills

Distance: Around 182Kms

Banner Exciting india

An Overview: The Biligiriranga Hills, eminent as BR Hills, is a beautiful and popular hill station for a quick weekend getaway near Bangalore. Neighbouring the border with Tamil Nadu in south-eastern Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka, BR Hills is nestled between the Eastern and Western Ghats. This beautiful hill station is blessed with natural abundance housing rich varieties of vibrant flora and endangered fauna. While touring BR Hills, you will come across numbers of fascinating sites amidst natural splendour that will amaze your presence to the fullest. Amongst all, one of the popular attractions that will allure you the most here is Champak tree. This is a spiritual site, which is carrying the tale of a thousand year old tree.

Places to see: Dodda Sampige Mara, BRT Wildlife Sanctuary and Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple

Things to Do: Sightseeing, rafting, trekking and angling

Best time to visit: Being one of the relaxing and elevated hill stations near Bangalore, BR Hills is an all season getaway for visitors. The temperature here never reaches to extreme level. Summer hits the region during April to June. But, you will never feel that hot and humid here during summer. July to September is the rainy season in BR Hills, as monsoon encircles the region that time. If you love winter, November to March is the best time to enjoy a frosty climate in BR Hills. Having portrayed the seasonal climate in Biligiriranga, the best time to visit here is from June to November when the climate is quite soothing, and the freshness of the lush bush can best be revealed that time.

To know more about BR Hills, click here


Distance: Around 185 Kms

Hassan banner_Exciting India

An Overview: Situated around 185 Km from Bangalore, Hassan is a small and beautiful district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Known as one of the oldest towns in Karnataka, the rich culture of Hassan is explored by many travellers from Bangalore and many other adjoining cities. Besides its rich culture, a blend of mysterious temples and historic monuments turned this small town to an important weekend getaway near Bangalore.

According to the historic tale of Hassan, the city was set up way back in 11th century by the chieftain Channa Krishnappa Naik; and the city has been named after the name of Goddess Haasanamba. It is said that during 11th-13th centuries, Hassan was under the rule of Hoysala dynasty and several Belur and Halebid were constructed that time around Hassan.

A diverse range of fiction, inimitability and indigenous culture are the key tourist pullers in Hassan. If you happen to be there in Hassan, the best way to explore its rich heritage and surrounding temples is through public transports. Because of its prehistoric structures and monuments, Hassan is also known as the Temple Architectural Capital of Karnataka.

Places to see: Ramanathapura Temples, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Shettyhalli Church, Hoysaleswara Temple, Shantaleswara Temple, Kedareswara Temple, Shri Ranganatha Temple, Shravanabelagola and Mosale

Things to Do: Temple hopping, wildlife and trekking

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the town is from the month of October to March when the weather here is restful and enjoyable.

To know more about Hassan, click here


Distance: Around 210 Kms

Kabini Banner

An Overview: Are you looking for a spectacular outing or a thrilling weekend getaway in a day around Bangalore? The protected terra firma of Kabini awaits you an amazing weekend destination near Bangalore. Situated in Karnataka state of India and around 210 Km from Bangalore, Kabini is the abode of forest reserves, which boasts a rich variety of flora and fauna. Dotted with thick lush bush and lively waterways, this place is an absolute delight for adventure lovers. The meet points of three wildlife parks and dwelling source of Kadu Kuruba tribe, touring Kabini renders you an astounding wildlife experience like no other.

Times back, Kabini used to be the favourite hunting spot for the British as well as for the kings of Mysore. Abundance of emerald environs and animated waterfalls has gradually transformed this terrain to one of the top weekend destinations near Bangalore. Today, visitors flock Kabini from various parts of the country to explore its diverse range of mammals, endangered birds and a rich variety of foliage. Being one of the spectacular wild hubs in Karnataka, the inhabitants of Kabini mostly speak Kannada, and the place is also popular for its adjoining River Kabini.

Places to see: Nagarhole National Park, Kabini Dam, Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and Rameshwara Temple.

Things to Do: Jungle safari, boating, Shopping and wildlife

Best time to visit: Being one of the top weekend getaways near Bangalore, Kabini can best be visited during summer and winter; preferably from October to May. Though, the temperature in Kabini is quite scorching during summer, but this is the time when you can reveal the wildlife to the fullest.

To know more about Kabini, click here

If you are still perplexed in deciding your next short weekend destination near Bangalore, give your colleague a call or plan with your family. The Indian state of Karnataka has no dearth of attractions to gift a pleasing weekend.

Happy travelling!!

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