Bodhgaya temple

Visiting Bodhgaya? Here’s what you should know about the place!

The undisputed melting pot of Buddhism, Bodhgaya was where Prince Siddhartha ( Lord Buddha) attained enlightenment beneath a bodhi tree  became 2600 years ago.

In terms of serenity and peace, this tiny temple town is to Buddhists is their holy town. It attracts thousands of pilgrims from around the world every year, who come for prayer, study and meditation at this place known who also come its serenity and tranquility.

The most hallowed spot in town is the Bodhi tree which flourishes amid a beautiful garden setting, its roots embedded in the same soil as its celebrated ancestor.

Additionally, many monasteries and temples are spread across the pleasant and pastoral  landscape, built in their national style by foreign Buddhist communities. The ambience is a mix of monastic tranquility and small-town commotion (a booming non-religious tourism industry has brought along with it the usual invasion of tourist paraphernalia). Bodhgaya has the best range of accommodation in Bihar and offers traveller camaraderie anywhere in Bihar and Jharkhand. This makes it a great place for tourists and visitors alike; to shop, meet and interact with each other .

The best time to visit is between November and March, when Tibetan pilgrims come down from McLeodganj in Dharamsala. The peak season is from December to January, which is also when Dalai Lama often visits.

 Bodhgaya Temple

Bodhgaya temple


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