wagah border

Wagah Border is India And Pakistan boundary line of the India, Pakistan.

Wagah Border is India And Pakistan radclliffe line boundary of the India, Pakistan. Wagah is village dividing demarcation line that situated near a road border crossing, goods transit terminal and a railway station between India and Pakistan, and lies on the grand trunk road between the cities of the Amritsar, Punjab-India, and Lahor-Punjab Pakistan. India and Pakistan Border is located between Amritsar and Lahor (32 kilometres from Amritsar and 24 kilometres Lahor.) Wagah border demarcation line dividing India and Pakistan upon the Partition of the India in 1947.



Border closing ‘ lowering of the flag’ ceremony or Beating Retreat ceremony, is daily military practice. This ceremony takes place every evening before sunset at the Wagah border, which as part of the Grand Trunk Road was the only road link that the security forces of the India (Border security force) and Pakistan have jointly followed since 1959. Border Security force participate the daily ceremony and start the ceremony with the blustering parade and end the ceremony up in the perfactly coordinated lowering the National Flags.


One infantryman stands at attention on each side of the gate. As the sun sets, the iron gates at the border are opened and the two flags are lowered simultaneously. The flags are folded and the ceremony ends with a retreat that involves a brusque handshake between soldiers from either side, followed by the closing of the gates again. The spectacle of the ceremony attracts many visitors from both sides of the border, as well as international tourists.

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