Root Bridges of Meghalaya

Want to go to Meghalaya ? Know more about this tiny hill state. 

Separating the Assam valley from the plains of Bangladesh, hilly Meghalaya also called the  ‘abode of clouds’. It is a cool, wet and pine-fresh mountain state set on dramatic horseshoes of rocky cliffs.The state capital is Shillong, a popular hill station known for its rock music culture.
Undulating rivers, beautiful waterfalls, sparkling mountain streams, emerald-green lakes, precipitous gorges and panoramic views from hilltops are the main highlights of Meghalaya. Its subtropical forests support beautiful flora and fauna.The state abounds in Archean rock formations. These rock formations contain rich deposits of valuable minerals like coal, limestone, uranium and sillimanite.You can go and explore these caves and get a slice of the rich natural beauty of Meghalaya.

Meghalaya is also home to ?Living Root Bridges? which are not be found anywhere else in the world.

The state’s population predominantly comprises the Jaintia, Khasi and Garo tribes. A good time to be in Meghalaya is when the four day Wangala festival takes place in autumn. Renowned for its impressive tribal dancing, this harvest festival is also noted for its traditional drum recitals.
One of the unique features of these tribes is that they follow a matrilineal system where lineage and inheritance are traced through women. Children take the mother?s clan title.This unique way of life  makes Meghalaya one of the most progressive states in terms of women empowerment in the country.

About 70% of the state population is Christian as many members of the Khasi, Jaintia and Garo communities have converted to Christianity. The principal languages are Khasi and Garo with English as the official language, therefore tourists and visitors can easily travel without any language barriers.

Be sure to come here and get north east’s finest natural scenic flora and fauna.

The living Root Bridges of Meghalaya

Root Bridge of Meghalaya

Women from Khasi tribe of Meghalaya

Women from Khasi tribe of Meghalaya

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