Want to shop in Bhubaneshwar?

Then know the places where you can go. The markets and the shopping centres in Bhubaneshwar have number of shops selling handicraft items and the traditional weaved fabric of Orissa. Tussar silk is the most famous fabric that is a handloom of this state. Apart from this, cotton and Sambalpuri silk are also available in abundance. The Ikat fabrics and paintings are among other masterpieces that are available in Bhubaneshwar markets. Hand crafted decorative items like mirrors, purses, table tops, jewelry boxes, utensils and many more are sold here.

Patachitra paintings, the paintings made on the Palm leaf are also displayed in the Bhubaneshwar markets. These items are reasonably priced and the array of designs will impress any avid collector and shopper.

Decorative items such as mirrors, table top, purses, jewelry boxes, trays etc. are also sold.

Shopping in Bhubaneshwar

shopping in Bhubaneshwar

Tussar silk sarees

Some  well known markets are :

Ekamra Haat

A wide-ranging exposition of Odishan handicrafts (and snack stalls) can be found at this permanent market.

Features Odishan textiles,including applique and ikat (a technique involving tie-dyeing the thread before it’s woven).

Modern Book Depot

Sells maps, English-language novels, coffee-table books, postcards and books on Odisha. If you’re interested in learning some Oriya, ask the owner about the well-regarded Oriya.

Shahid Nagar Market:

This market has many computer, mobile and handicraft shops. The latest mobile phones with accessories are available here.  Bangles and handmade beaded necklaces with different designs and colors are sold here in abundance. The handicraft items that one can get from this market include beautifully wood carved statues of God.

Bapuji Nagar:

Shops selling branded jewellery, watches, gifts, and furniture are found in this market. The range of dresses in this market is exclusive and exceptional. The market has all the ranges of the products; from electronics to clothing and jewelry to antique items. The colorful shops carrying the heritage of Orissa. This place is among the must visit places in Bhubaneshwar.

Market in Bhubaneshwar

Market in Bhubaneshwar

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