Why Should You Travel To Lavasa for Your Holiday

Lavasa is a planned hill city urbanized on the Western Ghats, along Baji Pasalkar Reservoir banks behind the Varasgaon Dam, 65kms from Pune. Travel to Lavasa for that luxury get-away to enjoy your holiday.

Lavasa is a perfect tourist destination as it enjoys an all year-round lovely weather. If you are looking for a pristine hill city with a range of options in sports, games, entertainment, events and hospitality, Lavasa is the real deal. Accommodation is readily available from budget hotels to luxury accommodations. All stay options will suit any type of tourist. There are also many eateries for you to wine and dine. This place has really grown its popularity as the best weekend destination. Each year tourists from far and wide visit Lavasa.

Dasve lake Dam

Dasve lake Dam

You will never get bored as there are many things to do in Lavasa. One fun activity to do is indulging in activities at the Dasve Lake. On Dasve Lake, get to enjoy water activities such as swimming, jet skiing, boating and cruise boating. Enjoy playing golf at the Golf Club. Refresh and relax by watching the lake’s blue waters and the lush green valley.

Sky-diving in Lavasa is a common and thrilling activity. You can sky dive if you are an expert or learn the different jumps, such as static jump, tandem jump or accelerated free fall. This pristine green valley is an ideal destination to unwind and relax at the health and wellness centres. Here, experience yoga classes, exotic ayurvedic massages and therapeutic massage.

Sky-diving in Lavasa

Sky-diving in Lavasa

Are you wondering what to see in Lavasa? Sightseeing tours are such an experience. This town has beautiful quaint villas, flower-speckled stunning hills capped with floating clouds. Revel in Lavasa’s beauty for that breathtaking tour. Get to see the spectacular view of the attractive waterfalls. Mountains and natural beauty surround this area.

You can access Lavasa through the nearest airports, which are Pune (65km), and Mumbai (193km), nearest railway station Pune (65km), Khandala (113km) and Lonavala (106km).

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